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Promotional Gifts Emporium is the first call for most organisations in the United Kingdom for promotional gifts and merchandise. We have established our reputation on delivering what we say we will, when we say we will. With over 15 years experience in the industry you can guarantee we will find the right promotional products at the right price to suit your budget. In these tough economic times we have scoured the world to find promotional products that represent great value for money for all pockets and offer great return on investment.


Promotional pens are one of the easiest, most cost effective ways for you to get your company’s message onto the desks of your customers and potential customers. Pens are one of those things that everyone needs, and also one of those things that few people want to pay for. That is what makes them such perfect promotional gifts – they are very likely to be well used, rather than ending up in the bin. Having a pen with your branding on them on their desks, being used every day, is a fantastic way to get your message into your customer’s minds.

The promotional pens we supply come in many different shapes and sizes, with plenty of options to allow you to tailor the pen to your brand, message and budget. For example, plastic pens are a cheap, easy to use pen which should fit most businesses. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes which makes them highly versatile. If you want to project a more upmarket image, then you could choose one of our metal or executive pens. If you want promotional pens on a particular theme, then one of our novelty pens might fit the bill. Or if you’d like to project an environmentally friendly image, then how about one of our wooden pencils? You could even choose a mixture of some or all of the promotional pens we offer, to suit different events and circumstances (for example, plastic pens for conference giveaways and executive pens such as Parker Pens, Cross Pens or Waterman Pens for targeted gifts)

Whether it be Promotional Gifts, Corporate Gifts or Promotional Products, Merchandise, Printed Mugs, Pens or Embroidered Corporate clothing, why not let us here at Promotional Gifts Emporium make sure that you are dress for success with the perfect promotional items.


Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs are an easy, cost-effective way for you to get your message into the minds of your potential customers. Most people use mugs on a daily basis at home and at work: the morning coffee or afternoon tea are daily rituals for many. That is what makes promotional mugs so effective: they have a clear, every day use. Promotional mugs with your business message on them could be sitting on your customers’ desks, by their kettles and on their kitchen tables.

The promotional printed mugs that we supply come in a wide range of colours, designs, sizes and materials. Whatever your brand or message, we can come up with a mug to suit it. Ceramic and earthenware mugs come in several different types, and should suit any kind of business as they are highly versatile, and appeal to the majority of people. Our range of plastic mugs is perfect as giveaways at conferences or for children, as you do not need to worry about them breaking easily. They are also cheap, so good for smaller businesses on a tight budget, or for large campaigns. Our bone china mugs are ideal for business who have an upmarket or old-fashioned image to maintain. They are lovely to handle and drink from, ensuring they will be well used by your customers. Like our other mugs, various designs can be printed on them. Our travel mugs are sturdy, metal mugs designed to be used on the go. They could perfectly fit the image of activity or sports companies, or could be a good giveaway for commuters. As well as mugs, we also sell promotional glassware, a range of attractive glasses that are great for special occasions or for everyday use.

Promotional Mugs

Promotional Umbrellas

Protect your target audience from foul weather, the rain and the sun when you start attracting attention with promotional umbrellas. Promotional advertising is a great way to give your current customers a high-quality gift that they will appreciate - as well as give your future customers a good reason to remember your business name. Promotional golf umbrellas offer a smart way to expose your brand name and increase brand recognition dramatically through one simple investment. You can accomplish a number of marketing goals through these promotional advertising items.

Each time your promotional umbrella is opened, your business will gain exposure and get eyeballs on its company name. Your business will stand out from the competition and your customers will have a positive connotation to your company, ignoring the other alternatives in your industry.

Make sure that you attract attention with your promotional gifts for the benefit of your company. You can customise your promotional umbrella to have it fit your company in order to attract attention and give your customers something they will cherish for years to come. See what a single investment with umbrellas can do for your business when you place your order today.

Promotional Umbrellas


What does your business hope to accomplish with its next marketing campaign? Working within a strict budget, your marketing team will have specific goals that it wants to achieve during the next few months.

Supplement your marketing campaign with promotional keyrings. Promotional keyrings have long been a favourite choice among smart marketers. Promotional advertising can help your marketing team to satisfy a number of goals simultaneously, including increasing sales and improving brand recognition. Use these benefits to your business's advantage when you learn more about promotional advertising using these great items.


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