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Expressly formulated to address early age cracking problems, Fibermesh® micro-synthetic fibers prevent 80-100% of all cracks in the plastic state - precisely when most cracks occur. During the plastic settlement phase, the fibers create a three-dimensional support network that resists the downward pull of gravity, thus keeping aggregates in suspension and promoting uniform bleeding.

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Steel Fibers

Engineered for long-term performance and superior concrete crack control in demanding industrial applications, the Novocon® line of steel concrete fibers is specifically designed to enhance concrete in its hardened state. Industrial concrete floor slab systems are often required to perform under intense loading conditions, including point loads from rack legs and dynamic loading from vehicular traffic.

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Blended Fiber Solutions

Another Propex Concrete Systems first, our concrete fiber blends are a combination of micro-synthetic fibers and either macro-synthetic fibers or steel fibers. The resulting Novomesh family of products represents the best possible solution to concrete’s intrinsic flaws throughout its life span. As previously noted, Fibermesh fibers excel at controlling cracks in the early stage, while Novocon fibers provide outstanding crack control in increased load-bearing situations.

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Residential Slabs

From slabs, driveways and sidewalks to pool decks and patios, today’s construction projects include more concrete features than ever. For these applications and others, trust proven Fibermesh® solutions from Propex Concrete Systems-the innovator in fiber reinforced concrete for more than 20 years.

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Commercial Slabs

Advanced Solutions for Tough Commercial Applications.

Commercial projects demand proven solutions-like Novomesh® products from Propex Concrete Systems. Made with Propex's time-tested micro-synthetic, macro-synthetic and steel fiber components, these blended systems offer unmatched reinforcement performance throughout the entire life span of the concrete-plus the ease-of-use you’d expect from the world’s leader in fiber reinforcement.

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Industrial Slabs

The Steel Fiber With Industrial-Strength Toughness.

Industrial applications can test the strength and toughness of concrete floors to their very limits. These heavy-duty floors are often required to perform under intense static and dynamic loads, impact stresses and flexural fatigue. If improperly designed and reinforced, concrete slabs can fail, causing significant loss in productivity and increasing maintenance costs. Fortunately, one family of steel fiber reinforcement products has been tested and proven time and again in some of the most demanding industrial environments in the world: Novocon® products from Propex Concrete Systems.

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Composite Metal Decks

A New Level of Efficiency in Placing Elevated Decks.

Flexing of metal decks. Restraint of movement, which leads to cracking. Worker safety. These are only a few of the unique challenges that come when building composite metal decks. Fortunately, Novomesh® synthetic and steel blended fibers are uniquely suited to meet these challenges and can replace welded wire fabric in many projects.

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