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Noise & Vibration Measurement - DATS/P8000

Prosig noise and vibration measurement systems are built around the P8000 data acquisition system and DATS analysis software. They can be used for a wide variety ofnoise and vibration measurement and analysis tasks.

Our noise & vibration measurement systems can be configured to suit your requirements. The P8000 hardware allows you to choose the inputs you require and the DATS software has a multitude of analysis options.

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Vibration Condition Monitoring - PROTOR

PROTOR provides a complete hardware and software solution for vibration monitoring of rotating machines. Acquisition subsystems monitor the machinery and are networked to a central server. Realtime and historical data can be accessed on the server or remotely via a LAN, WAN or VPN. Data and reports are available in graphical and numerical forms.

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Free Handbook

Our Noise & Vibration Measurement Handbook is packed with tutorials and articles on all aspects of measuring noise & vibration. 

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