ProTag Retail Security Ltd

ProTag Retail Security provides the most advanced displayed merchandise protection systems currently available.

Open Display Systems

Retailers have for a long time recognised the benefits of open merchandising within their outlets. It is a proven fact that customers prefer to see the products close up and not behind glass fronted obstructions. But how do you stop the opportunist thief from walking away with the goods? ProTag Retail Security can supply the answer.

Our Infinity, Optima and Microcontroller loop alarm systems are marketed and distributed Worldwide. Through stringent Research and Development, each product was designed to protect openly displayed merchandise, such as laptops, DVD players, PDA&#146s, MP3 players, mobile phones etc. The key to the success and reliability of this product relates to our unique patented ProTag flexible sensor. These sensors are adhered to the merchandise, and then connected to the alarm system via a range of sensor cables. Any attempt to remove the tag will result in an alarm condition being activated.

Perimeter Protection

To compliment the open display option, ProTag Retail Security also offers RF EAS systems, providing a cost effective entry into retail perimeter protection. These systems are available to suit most requirements.

We can supply a complete range of EAS tags, including both hard and label types, to protect your merchandise. Hard tag detachers and label tag deactivator units are also available.

To assist in the authentication of money, documents and credit cards, we also supply a range of electronic UV money checkers.

For complete protection in the retail environment, choose ProTag.
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