Protech Finishing Ltd


We are a BS EN 9001:2000 accredited company with more than 15 years in the specialised electroplating and anodising industry. We specialise in providing expert hard anodising services and many other related services.

Our hard anodising and related services are carried out by our highly trained and dedicated staff who are committed to providing an unrivaled service.

Electroplating and Anodising

We are committed to providing a highly specialised and competitive service to meet and exceed the demands of all electroplating and anodising requirements.

Our electroplating and anodising capabilities are market leading and with our dedicated and personal service of all items being processed by hand, we guarantee you will not find a more complete and professional service elsewhere.

Sulphuric Acid Anodising

Our complete service includes a multitude of options in high quality finishes such as sulphuric acid anodising. Our sulphuric acid anodising provides a decorative finish and is insulative and corrosion resistant.

All colours are available with our sulphuric acid anodising and there are many other anodising and electroplating services available.

Copper Electroplating

Another example of our high quality finishes is copper electroplating. Our copper electroplating service provides an undercoat for most substrates and mask for heat treatment on steel.

Further electroplating services we provide include:

Chromate Conversion

As well as electroplating and anodising, we also provide various options in specialised high quality finishes. One of these services is specialised chromate conversion.

This chromate conversion includes coatings on aluminium and provides anti-corrosion, semi conductivity, and is excellent for paint preparation.

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