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Here at Protego, we provide a impressive selection of bespoke flame arresters, valves, and tank accessories to suit individual requirements.

Our flame arresters and accessories are installed by industrial users for a variety of applications including:

  • Tank farms for flammable liquids in industrial and military applications
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical processing facilities
  • Vapour combustion plants
  • Biogas, landfill gas and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Ship building
  • Oil platforms and in loading and unloading facilities

Protecting Life and Preserving Value

We have over 300 employees at several locations worldwide. We manufacture and distribute safety devices and tank equipment to assist with protecting life and preserving value. When it come to protecting life and preserving value, we are technology leader and provide global services. Our customers trust our products for process engineering, the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and the bio-energy sector.

Protecting Life and Preserving Value

Technical Fundamentals

For over five decades, we have been developing technical fundamentals and special devices for protecting systems against explosions. We produce pressure and vacuum relief valves to the highest standards for performance, pressure conservation, and tight seals. We provide technical fundamentals in close cooperation with scientific institutions to meet ongoing technical challenges and increasing requirements for safety and environmental protection.

Technical Fundamentals


We have a fantastic product range to provide reliable solutions for protecting systems in generating, storing, and transporting gases and liquids of every hazard category against dangers. Our complete solutions include valves to enable tank farms to be safely and economically ventilated.

Our Flame Arresters include:

  • Deflagration Flame Arrester, end-of-line and Vent Caps
  • Deflagration Flame Arrester
  • Detonation Flame Arrester

 Our Valves include:

  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves, end-of-line
  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves, in-line
  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves with Flame
  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves with Flame Arresters, end-of-line


We supply innovative safety devices suitable for use in a wide assortment of industrial applications. We understand safe processes require reliable protection for every conceivable operating parameter. We use practical examples to show how systems can be made safe and how devices can be incorporated into control loops and applications.



Our services ensure safety devices are installed to prevent damage. We identify requirements as early as the engineering stage to ensure a suitable device is specified. After delivery and start-up, function must be ensured at all times. Our comprehensive program range requires services, assistance during start-up, and qualified maintenance for long term trouble-free operations.

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