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We provide a conceptual design service utilising the latest 3D computerised software to turn your ideas into reality. With professional engineers having over 30 years design and manufacturing experience, your concept or component can be optimised utilising experience from a wide range of industries. See our list of applications on the web site.

 Mechanical animated assemblies can be created to fully visualise the product before manufacture.

Prototype Manufacture

Our prototype manufacture involves utilising the design and engineering data created during concept, this can be plugged straight into the latest 3D printing machines for initial full form models. CNC machines on-site can also be utilised to manufacture full function prototypes.

CE Marking

We provide CE marking services for products developed and requiring CE marking. This service is available to take your new product into full scale manufacturing.

Fuel Injection Equipment Design

We provide fuel injection equipment design and manufacture. Running internal combustion engines on different fuels such as tallow or bio fuels often creates life cycle issues with the high precision components in the fuel injection pump, injectors and hydraulic equipment. PROTEK Design have developed new fuel injection components to suit larger diesel generators running on tallow and bio fuels. Fuel elements, delivery valves, and injectors have all been redesigned to provide the opportunity to create energy from waste fuels.

CNC Component Machining

We provide a full CNC component machining service as an aid to prototype manufacturing. We can manufacture small precision components to larger castings. Our links with other partner companies enable a wide range of processes to be used including casting and moulding.

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