Proteus Equipment Ltd

Proteus Equipment was established in 1985, based in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. In its first year Proteus launched the asphalt Hot Box concept into the UK, and has since gone on to design and manufacture a wide range of standard & special model Hot Boxes. In recent years hire has become a larger part of our business and we currently have well over 150 units available in our hire fleet, available for long & short-term rental.

In 1986 Proteus launched its first generation of manhole cover lifters. We have since gone on to develop the concept and now offer a range of three lifters with a vast array of options and accessories for each model.

Other products in Proteus’ range include our lightweight asphalt duvets used to keep bitmac hot en route to the job; and environmentally-friendly fluids for asphalt including Bitukleen - the UK’s best-selling biodegradable asphalt cleaner.
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