Protol Comar Ltd


As contract chemical manufacturers, we aim to provide solutions to a range of client problems and provide flexible specialist chemical services. We also have spacious and advanced warehouse areas to allow us to accommodate small and larger production runs.

As contract chemical manufacturers, we provide more than just product handling. We are equipped and qualified to process more difficult, hazardous products.


We have developed a pelletising technology ideal for applications in the plastics and chemicals sectors. Pelletising produces a formulated or single powder in pellet form.

It makes handling easier and enhances feed characteristics on machinery such as compounding extruders and injection moulding.

Pelletising means polymer-free master batches can be produced in pellet form. Even fibrous materials like hemp and recycled fibres can be pelletized. 

Toll Processing

We are able to handles non hazardous and hazardous materials in either liquid or solid form. This means we can offer one-stop facilities for manufacture and packing.

Our toll processing services include long-term toll manufacture on dedicated or semi-dedicated plant. As well as toll processing, we also provide process debottlenecking and distressed consignment rescue.


We have a variety of powder coating finishes including spray coating, flaking, blending and milling. Our finished products and raw materials can be finished with flaking coatings. It can be handled in FIBCs, tote bins, valve sacks and small packs down to 1 kilo.

Using our wealth of experience and expertise, we provide a flexible service offering fast turnaround times in all areas of activity. We also undertake work from a range of sectors and undertake projects for prime manufacturers, traders and distributors.


Specialist Chemicals

We give the same priority and quality to all projects whether they are long term, short term or one/offs. With specialist chemicals, if we do not have the appropriate plant for immediate use, we are always ready to discuss projects requiring some capital investment to help acquire more specialist equipment.

Our work with specialist chemicals has benefited work from argochemical, industrial chemical, chemical intermediate, and pharmaceutical industry sectors.


Our powder finishing also includes drying in an atmospheric or vacuum process.

Drying can be used on a variety of products and used for projects in a range of industry sectors including paint and inks, pesticides and rodenticides, oilfield, catalysts, janitorial, and water treatment.  

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