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Protool Manufacturing produces a range of Rapid Tooling, choose from the following services.

  • High pressure Injection
  • RIM
  • SRIM
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Structural Foam


  • Automotive
  • Business Electronics
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical

Advantages of Aluminium tooling over other RP methods: Parts can be produced in production, specification material, Relatively easy and cost effective, modifications can be introduced, Invaluable data can be accumulated, for the production process, Tools can be used for initial production if required, Low component costs compared to RIM casting etc

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Low Volume Tooling

Protool Manufacturing designs and manufactures a range of high and low Volume Tooling in aluminium and special pre-toughened steels, supplying the Automotive, Business Electronics and Consumer Products markets.


  • Tools manufactured up to a maximum
  • Weight of 2,000 kgs
  • Large tooling packages or single tools,
  • Each project is treated the same
  • Projects are run using single point
  • Project management,utilising
  • Techniques perfected on major
  • Automotive projects
  • The latest HSM technology combined
  • With a wealth of experience from the
  • Mould-making industry, enables Protool
  • To achieve cost levels and time frames
  • To match any geographical region
Low Volume Tooling

Production Tooling

Production tooling :Protool Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of Rapid Injection Mould tools with an international reputation. We undertake all aspects of the product development process from design, stereolithography, prototyping through to mass production in the UK or in low cost regions.

Our current client base includes highly regarded companies in the automotive, medical, defence, consumer products and Formula 1 sectors.

We specialise in producing prototype parts in the fastest possible times and have when required, been able to provide our clients with next day parts. Our greatest strength is that we ensure we understand your needs and use our experience and expertise to create a workable and robust end product… fast!

Production Tooling

3D Machining

Protool Manufacturing can produce complex 3D components, singly or in batches, and machined from all types of material including:

  • Aluminium
  • Steels
  • Super Alloys
  • Plastic

Our 3D Machining service is provided to various markets, including Automotive, Formula 1, Aerospace and Ministry of Defence.

3D Machining

Prototype Parts

High Speed prototypes in ABS and Rubber simulate manufactured using the Objet 350V Polyjet 3D printing machine.

Prototypes are manufactured in hours at layers of 16 microns giving an exceptional finish and highly accurate parts when compared with SLA.

Prototype Parts

PU Components

Providing production material simulated parts in a matter of days rather than weeks from our soft tooling processes.

The simulation of most production thermoplastic materials is possible for both prototype and production applications, (ABS, PP, Engineering Materials and more). Our dispensing equipment allows us to produce parts that vary in size from small switches to full size automotive Bumper panels.

For larger more robust tooling we are able to supply tools via our 3D machining capability.

PU Components


Protool Manufacturing also offers its customers a service in fixture manufacture. Customers can choose from the following services:

  • Welding Fixtures
  • Holding Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures

Fixtures are manufactured from various material including aluminium and tooling board resins.


Offshore Tooling

Protool Manufacturing are able to offer design and manufacture of Production Tooling projects utilising suppliers from low cost economic regions.

By using three main suppliers situated in the Guang Dong Province of China with a work force in excess of 1,800 personnel, we can offer a low cost, low risk tooling solution with single point Programme Management support including personnel on the ground in China.

  • Over 200 Design Engineers, GA
  • Turnaround in less than 5 days
  • Hi Tech machinery manufactured in
  • Europe and Japan
  • All materials & standards are to
  • European levels
Offshore Tooling

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