PSL Datatrack


Ever since our establishment in 1988, we have been providing unrivaled economic manufacturing software solutions to all areas of production industries. Our manufacturing software solutions are comprehensive and our services are used by all sizes and types of manufacturing business.

Whatever type of manufacturing business you are in, you will be dealing with estimates, quotations, sales orders, purchases, scheduling, invoicing, job costing, tooling and gauge management, finished goods and material stocks, documentation and customer queries. With us, production costs and overheads are reduced leading to increased profits.

What is PSL Datatrack?

• A flexible, modular production control system
• For both small and medium manufacturing businesses
• Scalable and tailored to work the way you do
• Fast, flexible and precise - Simple to use

Who is it for?
• Manufacturers and sub-contractors
• Making components, assemblies or from Bill of Materials
• Businesses looking for overhead reduction
• Manufacturers maintaining or seeking ISO accreditation

What does it do?
• Streamlines entire production process from quotation to invoice
• Reduces administrative time and paperwork burden
• Helps businesses meet customer deadlines
• Provides fast and accurate reporting to compete profitably

Production Management

With us, production control is made easy. We have been providing production control solutions for many years. Our precision software is a purpose designed, simple to use modular software application for all manufacturers of make-to-order items for sub-contract or OEM supplies.

The application encompasses control of the manufacture of single and batch production items, assemblies and bills of material combined with effective stock control, tool control and purchasing modules. Whether you produce batches of parts or prototype single items, PSL Datatrack controls and monitors all production functions.

MRP Software

We provide comprehensive and professional MRP software solutions. PSL Datatrack speeds up and simplifies purchasing of materials and bought out parts from approved or other suppliers and helps reduce waste and control expenditure in order to maintain profitability.

With our MRP software, 'goods received' easily maintain stock records while 'material stocks' offer absolute control of material stock usage with the highest possible level of traceability. Supplies can be progressed quickly and easily via the reporting system.

Aerospace Production Management Software

We also provide aerospace production management software. PSL Datatrack works with first and second tier aerospace suppliers and controls all the administrative functions required by your business. Production control monitors manufacturing method and the traceable elements automatically build a history of every part and how it was made.

With our aerospace production management software, traceability and quality are effortlessly combined with the manufacturing process.

Automotive Production Management Software

We supply state-of-the-art automotive production management software. In automotive production, PSL Datatrack allows for KANBAN, Consignment Stocks or J.I.T. deliveries to meet different requirements and reduce overall costs.

PSL Datatrack's control of inventory volumes and replacement demand ensures the most economical use of capacity, storage and cashflow demands.

Stringent Quality Control and accreditation to TS16949 together with FMEX are fully integrated and effortless with our automotive production management software.

Engineering Production Management Software

Our software and relative solutions are extensive and include the offer of leading engineering production management software. Valuable production time is easily lost to the ever-increasing burden of administrative tasks in the engineering workshop. More batches of complex work pieces absorb large amounts of administrative time in checking stock and material availability. This is where our engineering production management software comes in.

PSL Datatrack in the workshop ensures jobs are properly prioritised and correct equipment and materials are available for production to achieve delivery dates.

Electronics/Semi-Conductors Production Management Software

We supply the most advanced and market leading electronics/semi-conductors production management software. For the manufacture of PCBs, a substantial BOM is required. PSL Datatrack runs this as an integral part of the manufacturing process, thus ensuring the most effective supply and quality control.

In semi-conductor manufacture, a wide range of assemblies and processes must be controlled from machinery and finishing techniques for cooler assemblies to manufacturing quality and machining of heatsinks and mountings. Our electronics/semi-conductors production management software provides all of the solutions.

Fabrication Production Management Software

Our extensive software options include the supply of fabrication production management software. From feasibility study and estimating to delivery of the finished goods, PSL Datatrack's specialist knowledge of the demands of manufacturing companies helps you control and manage all the necessary processes required for production and ensures on-time delivery of simple and complex fabricated products and assemblies including:

  • Raw material acquisition and stocks
  • CNC punching and folding
  • Welding
  • Paint and powder coating processes

For more information on our fabrication production management software, visit our website.

Special Purpose Production Management Software

As well as our vast options in specific production management software, we also provide special purpose production management software. PSL Datatrack Assembly/BOM Module caters for all sizes of assembly - whether the parts are manufactured from raw material, bought-out (BO) or free-issue (FI).

Our special purpose production management software has the ability of controlling the entire procurement, manufacture, assembly and, if needed, testing of any type or size of special purpose equipment.

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