At Puckamuck, we supply natural and full-strength horse manure for gardens. We collect our manure from stables in Sussex and Surrey. We are confident you will not find better quality horse manure at a better price.

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High Quality Manure

We supply natural, high-quality manure. A natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables, we deliver peat-free, high-quality manure. Please contact us today for tips on the best ways to use our products.

Bulk Bag Manure

Our bulk bag manure is shredded and fully aged. It can immediately be turned into mulch, top dress or turned into the soil. We encourage the use of our products year round for best results.

Please contact us today for more information on our bulk bag manure.

Organic Manure

Since 2000, we have been supplying organic manure. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and consistent product. Please contact us today to discuss our organic manure offerings.

High-Quality Horse Manure

There is no better source for high-quality horse manure. Based in the heart of Sussex, we are dedicated to providing the best possible product and highest-quality horse manure.

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