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At Pulsar Process Management, we manufacture industry-leading level control products. From float swtiches, dB transducers and paddle switches, our products are all designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our range of level control products includes:

  • point measurement
  • continuous measurement
  • continuous sludge interface
  • contacting
  • non-contacting

Pump Control Products

We specialise in the creation of pump control products. From basic to intelligent pump station control modules, we have the right products for you. Please visit us for product specifications. Our pump control products include:

  • Blackbox - entry level pump controller.
  • Ultra range - sophisticated 3 or 5 relay pump controllers
  • Zenith - 6 relay controller including Tarrif Guard
  • Quantum - the last word in intelligent pump station control
Pump Control Products

Open Channel Flow Products

Open channel flow products are flow controllers designed to be accurate and universal. Our products include the FlowCERT line, the most accurate ultrasonic open channel flow system available.

Our complete line of open channel flow products include:

  • Ultra range - 3 and 5 relay flow controllers used with dBMACH3 transducer
  • FlowCERT - sophisticated flow controller used with dBMACH3 or DUET transducer (for MCERTS). Option to use  velocity transducer if no PMD is available
  • FlowCERT Lite - high accuracy flow controller with MCERTS for UK installations incorporating an external temperature sensor
Open Channel Flow Products

Level Control Applications

We specialised in non-contacting and non-invasive liquid level control applications. Our ultrasonic solutions provide great results. Our products see that outputs are based on volume conversions from the size and shape of the vessel. They may have alarms on level or volume, rate of fill or emptying and much more.

We manufacture the full-function Ultra 3 and 5, or for distributed systems such as a tank farm we produce Blackbox systems. Please visit our site for more information on the applications of our level control products.

Level Control Applications

Pump Control Applications

We take pride in our pump control products and applications. Our pump control models are made the highest rated control routines on the market. By allowing your engineers to select the routine that best suits the application, our pump control products are ideally suited in any environment - from a high throughput urban pumping station to a rural pump station.

All pump controllers are available in wall, rack, panel and fascia mount versions for ultimate flexibility.

Pump Control Applications

Open Channel Flow Applications

For open channel flow applications, we have products that complete flow calculations to BS:3680. The Ultra 3 and Ultra 5 work with all commonly used PMD. The 5-relay version can accept an analogue input from a velocity sensor. It can perform velocity x height calculations and determine flow in areas with no PMD.

In open channel flow applications, either unit can also be extended to provide full datalogging and digital communications functions.

Open Channel Flow Applications

Differential Level Applications

Our differential level products use two level transducers, one upstream and one downstream of a screen or penstock. In differential level applications, the following instruments provide level and pump control from a differential input:

  • Ultra 5
  • Ultra Twin
  • Zenith
  • Quantum
Differential Level Applications

Volume Measurement Applications

Our Ultra range of volume measurement products feature 12 pre-programmed tank shapes. These transducers and controllers can be used on liquids or solids materials up to 50m in range.

For common volume measurement applications, the tanks shapes include:

  • cylindrical
  • rectangular
  • conical base
  • pyramid base
  • sloped base
  • horizontal with parabolic or spherical ends
  • other shapes can be accommodated
Volume Measurement Applications

Sludge Level Monitoring Applications

For sludge level monitoring applications, our sludge level monitor includes acoustic sensor. By bouncing a signal off the bottom of the tank, the returning signal are interpreted to provide a profile of the sludge in the tank.

Water companies can use this information to optimise chemical dosage and to save employees from having to make tedious and time consuming manual calculations. For more information on our sludge level monitoring equipment, please visit our website for more information.

Sludge Level Monitoring Applications

Process Protection Applications

Throughout our range of products, we can offer you process protection. We take pride in our skills in acoustic, ultrasonic measuring. We put our engineering and design skills to good use by creating process protection products that will advise you of high or low flow rates.

Process Protection Applications

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