We have designed and manufactured a number of acoustic flooring solutions to transform the look, feel and sound of your floors. Our acoustic flooring insulation products were created to slow vibration, reduce airborne sound and decrease noise transmission through your floors. All of our acoustic flooring products are compliant with Building Regulations Document E requirements.

Acoustic Insulation for Walls and Ceilings

For the acoustic insulation of walls and rooms, we have a number of acoustic solutions. Whether it be complete covering insulation, or decorative, free-form panels, have a solution for you. We even have impact resistant solutions.

Our acoustic insulation of walls products include:

  • Durasound – impact resistant sound absorbing panels
  • Flexisound – decorative acoustic panels, sound absorption for walls and ceilings
  • Receptaboard – acoustically insulated plasterboard
Acoustic Insulation for Walls and Ceilings

Acoustic Enclosures

Our design consultants can employ a range of acoustic enclosure applications. We aim to provide the most cost-effective solution. We know that no project is the same, so we offer a wide range of standard acoustic panels.

Our impact resistant sound absorbing enclosures (Durasound Modular) are perfect products for sound absorbing in multi-use industrial buildings.

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic On and Off Site Testing

We offer bespoke solutions tested to acoustic and fire-rated specifications. We carry out our committment to safety by offering on-site and off-site testing for your acoustic needs. 

  • On-site testing is usually stipulated by your local authority or by architect specification. We are able to provide on-site tests to ensure acoustic compliance.
  • Off-site Testing can be used  to ensure compliance, we can also construct your acoustic solution in a test centre or at our modern factory in Bristol.
Acoustic On and Off Site Testing

Acoustic Consultancy

Our highly experienced and professional acoustic consultants are able to help you and your business on all aspects of noise control.

In our acoustic consultancy, we can provide:

  • Details of anticipated reverberation times in both pre and post installation
  • Noise surveys
  • Concept evaluation and specification recommendations
  • Carry out tests both before and after installation of acoustic panels including sound measurement and technical analysis
Acoustic Consultancy

Gilcrest Manufacturing

At Puracoustic, we are a proud part of Gilcrest Manufacturing based in Bristol. In addition to quality acoustic building materials, Gilcrest are quality manufacturers of panels, clean room technology, and specialist modular construction. Please visit our other Applegate listings or our website for more information.

Gilcrest Manufacturing

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