Purite Ltd


Purite is a  major European manufacturer of standard and custom built water purification systems for use in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications.

We build, install and support water purification systems that meet the precise needs of your organisation.

Purified Laboratory Water

If you’re looking for high quality, cost effective wall mounted, benchtop or custom built water purification systems for purified and ultrapure laboratory water we offer a full range of solutions including reverse osmosis, electro deionisation and ion exchange.

Purified Water for Healthcare

Our proven technology produces purified and ultrapure water for decontamination, Sterile Services Departments (SSD), renal dialysis and laboratories in the healthcare sector.

Purified Water for Industry

Our water purification systems for food, brewing, beverage, pharmaceutical, cleaning and many other industrial and process applications bring you reliable and cost effective solutions.  

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