PW Industries Ltd


PWI manufactures for hire and sale a diverse range of branded products which have been designed and engineered to offer superior performance and durability. Taking an innovative approach to product design, manufacturing techniques and using advanced materials we are able to produce high performance products at highly competitive rates.

Our Branded Products include:

  • ECO range of Portable and Modular Buidings
  • ISOTEK range of Refrigerated Trailers and Portable Coldrooms
  • GCAB range of Portable Security Cabins, Ticket Kiosks, Sales Kiosks and Gatehouses.
  • PWI Structural Composite Panels.

Below are some of the products we provide:

  • Structural Composite Panels
  • GRP Faced Plywood Panels
  • Trailer panels
  • Coldroom Panels
  • Jackleg Portable Offices
  • Site Accommodation
  • Portable Buildings
  • Portable Coldrooms
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Security Cabins
  • Ticket and Event Kiosks
  • Gatehouses

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