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Welcome to Pym & Wildsmith > experts in shotblasting, metal spraying, powder coating and paint spraying.

We offer a one–stop metal finishing service including Shot Blasting, Paint Spraying, Powder Coating and Metal Spraying.

Our modern plant houses 5 spray booths providing both wet and powder finishes and we can coat lengths up to 6.45 metres.

Request a quotation today and we will endeavour to respond the same working day where possible, however, should your quotation request be urgent we would ask you to telephone 01889 565653 so that we can give your request our immediate attention.

Taking advantage of our efficient collection and delivery service means that your order will always be on time and if it’s urgent, we offer an express level service to enable you to meet your deadline.

Shot Blasting
Shot blasting is our recommended method of surface preparation; our extensive facilities for this process give added benefits including:

High production rates and blast pattern accuracy.
The ability to clone and profile almost any surface required by virtually all coating manufacturers.
We can accommodate most sizes of components.
We ensure that components that require coating are sprayed within four hours to prevent oxidisation.

Metal Spraying
Metal Spraying gives a high quality finish and a range of advantages:

Coatings are available for almost instant use with no drying or curing times.
Higher degree of bond strength than most other thermally sprayed deposits.
More economic coatings due to the use of compressed air and electricity.
Metal spray will provide a long life coating of 10 to 25 years.
Zinc metal spray is suitable for protection of up to 200oC.
Aluminium metal spray gives protection against temperatures of up to 400oC.
It is often specified in preference to galvanising for its ease of application without the need for drain / vent holes.

Powder Coating
Powder Coating produces an extremely durable and scratch resistant surface. It has the same hardness as chrome but is pliable and can take a hit without chipping.

The process has very low environmental impact and is fast becoming the most popular form of finishing, its quick turnaround also means it is more commercially viable.

Our efficient processes mean that colours can be changed in less than 5 minutes, thus providing a quicker service to our customers.

A conveyorised track incorporates both wet painting and Powder Coating facilities for small components (up to 1.5m in length).

We can Powder Coat items up to 6.45m x 2.5m x 2.5m all to the same high specification as the smaller Powder Coated items.

Paint Spraying
Customer specified paints including colours from the RAL and BS ranges are facilitated in our spray booths, using airless and air assisted paint equipment.

The ample size of our paint booths means that we can accommodate most sizes of components.

Large items can either be suspended from a ceiling bearer or painted either on trolleys or in specialised stillages to achieve maximum efficiency and optimum paint quality. 

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