Pyrasorb is a long established brand of UK manufactured environmentally sustainable absorbent granules, first introduced in 1975.

Made from UK sourced ingredients, Pyrasorb available in three versions, each suited for different applications.  The high quality consistent organic cellulose fibres mixed with key ingredients, allow Pyrasorb to easily handle large volumes of liquid and semi liquid spillages in all areas of industry.

Pyrasorb absorbs on contact, does not break down under foot, sweeps up cleanly after use, and does not damage floor surfaces.  


Why Pyrasorb?

Pyrasorb is available to to the end user and distributors alike, with stocks always available for dispatch. We source the finest raw materials in the manufacture of Pyrasorb, enabling us to supply customers with a most effective high quality UK manufactured product.

Unlike some absorbents, Pyrasorb will not turn into a sludge when used, or create more mess when clearing up spills. Furthermore, it is not produced from minerals, and does not contain any harmful ingredients.  Small volumes are capable of absorbing large spillages, so it is particularly economic when compared to other products that are available.

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