Qamar Solicitors LLP


Solicitors from Qamar Solicitors LLP provide specialist legal advice in relation to all aspects of serious crime and serious fraud cases, right through to general crime and road traffic offences.

As the members of the specialist fraud and Very High Costs Case (VHCC) panel, solicitors conduct some of the most serious and complex fraud cases

Qamar Solicitors offer defence and assistance in any criminal case, including:

  • Murder/ GBH/ ABH / Violence
  • Drugs Importation / Drugs Trafficking / Supply of Drugs / Conspiracy to Supply Drugs
  • Firearms / Knife Crime / Defensive Weapons
  • Sexual Offences / Rape / Indecent Assault
  • Benefit Fraud/ Social Security Fraud/ Credit Card Fraud
  • Theft/ Deception / Theft from Employer
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