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There is no better Quality Manager than an experienced Engineer, they have a technical background and they have developed a career working within the QA/QC Discipline and that's what all Quality Managers at QEM Solutions are. Our engineers understand the importance of key critical processes within a project and they continually implement, develop and monitor a company system.

Some examples of our engineers responsibilities:

  • Developing, monitoring & issuing technical documentation to ensure safe and effective construction activities in accordance with Client specifications and contract requirements.
  • Development of QITP's.
  • Assisting with the control of Design Management. Producing status reports of document approvals.

Benefits include: 

  • Reassurance in the fact that a complete document record is compiled. 
  • Being able to draw on the experience of personnel who have 10+years of engineering experience across many different disciplines over areas of both the construction and manufacturing industries to support their decision making abilities.

Design Process Management

As designs get more complex and tighter deadlines need to be met, the role of the designer gets harder. What is needed is a better design process and this is where we come in with our clear methodology and design process management which encompasses all relevant and available influencing factors, it gives clear and logical steps to reach the project objectives.

Benefits of our design process management include, confidence in CDM compliance, Compliance with Relevant legislation and international standards.

Examples of using our service allow you to:

  • Identify and map out the key project aims and milestones
  • Understand and digest all relevant specifications and design requirements 
  • Identification of the Design Strategy 
  • Identify processes of Design Traceability 
  • Identify key risks relating to the design, construction and maintenance of the facility / structure. 
  • Ensure the Design & Design Process in accordance with the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2007. 
  • Develop a clear and concise Project design Plan
Design Process Management

3rd Party Inspection & Audits

As clients and contractors we are obliged to vet and monitor our suppliers, a key part of project Quality Control and this is to ensure that their equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with the relevant specifications. It can stop valuable delays later down the line, reduce pipeline repair costs.

At QEM Solutions our inspections and audits are always carried out by suitably qualified and competent team member. We have 20 years of experience in assisting both on and off site for periodical inspections and internal audits. We are key to making sure that all objective evidence sought is independent of either supplier or client.

Benefits of this include reduction in pipe repairs and maintenance, timely construction, validation, Client confidence.

Site visits would involve supervision of the following:

  • Coating trails, NDT qualifications testing, Material mechanical testing, Factory acceptance tests, Hydrostatic and performance tests.



3rd Party Inspection & Audits

Procurement Management

Ever had problems with project delayed or stopped due to lack of materials, wrong delivery, even something as simple as wrong certification, all of this can be extremely frustrating. We have the experience and skills needed to manage your procurement. Give your procurement responsibility to the QEM Solutions team and we can ensure that there are no extended costs and delays due to incorrect permanent materials orders.

Our Engineers know what needs to be done and when. This process is one major, critical step in construction and if managed badly can be highly costly to the Client / Contractor.

Below is a list of a few responsibilities QEM Solutions would take off your hands along with the liability:

  • Developments of design datasheets, Review of the design scope, identify any anomalies and development a design gap analysis if necessary. 
  • Selection of potential vendors from approved Supplier list, Review of tender submissions from suppliers and development of bid analysis.
Procurement Management

Business Process Management (ISO Standards)

Many companies believe that a Management System will complicate procedures that have evolved naturally through demand. Here at QEM Solutions we find that we can successfully implement systems by embracing your existing processes and procedures. By highlighting areas that don't fulfil requirements, we can address them and effectively 'fill the gaps' in your Management System. So when tender time comes, there will be no nasty surprises.

We have successfully achieved certification for all standards for many of our clients, but more importantly we have helped them implement processes that have improved their business and in short, made them safer, reduced their environmental impact and of course made them more profitable through providing a better service or product. 

Some examples of the services we offer are:

  • Gap analysis, Design and implementation of integrated management system, Provision of as management tool
  • Internal/external auditing, follow up consultancy and training.
Business Process Management (ISO Standards)

Risk Management

Risk Management is a serious business and is one of the most important tools that has become an essential requirement in both business, design and construction. Here at QEM Solutions we address risk management in a logical and methodical manner, this will increase the probability and success of the project, apparatus and infrastructure.

Some items our risk consultancy package may contain:

  • Introduction of risk mitigation during design processes, Identification and management of Project Registers.
  • Risk based inspection and consultancy on directed inspection and maintenance techniques.
  • Construction risk management, Business continuity management.
  • Leakage reduction and elimination through find fix and prevent methodology.
Risk Management

Project Closure & Handover Consultancy

We don’t let the project closure drag out when it's time to get the client's final invoice submitted early. This means that, at the end of the project, everyone is left with a very good impression of what we can offer to our clients and to the industry.

Services we provide are but not limited to:

  • Management and compilation of pre-commissioning packs
  • Management of hydrostatic testing sub-contractors, including document approval processes. 
  • Compilation and digitisation of Databooks (Project Handover Documentation)
  • Management of the As-Built Drawing Process. 
  • Management and handover of project Risk Registers, Creation of validation plans. 
Project Closure & Handover Consultancy

Design Management

It is not always possible to ensure that you have a full skill-set and competencies within your organisation on a continual basis, but if this isn't managed and controlled at the design stage it can lead to skill shortages at critical points during your project. QEM Solutions offer a unique service that is key to dealing with this problem.

We will integrate into the existing design team and enable your Designer or Contractor to meet the competency and skill requirements. The key benefit is that it allows them to maintain control over the design, but effectively giving them a support pillar to deal with management. QEM Solutions approach ensures that both parties share and verify information which avoids loss of information and mis-communication.

To see a list of services and benefits of design management we offer please click here.

Design Management

Document Control

At the heart of every project is the Document Control hub. An essential cog in the project Machine. One which must be established at the seedling stage of any venture. And it must work efficiently to allow other departments to function effectively. QEM Solutions understand these requirements and provide specialist Document Controllers (and if necessary, processes), who have worked in a range of organisations. This means that they understand systems and processes, particularly the requirements of the organisations' Quality Management System.

Here are a few responsibilities QEM Solutions can provide;

  • Establishment and implementation of Document Control system best suited to the contract and the Client. This can range form simple office based systems to automatic online document collaboration software.
  • Collation of all documentation required for handover & commissioning packages.
  • Document distribution, retention and collection where appropriate.
  • Ensuring all superseded documents are retrieved or destroyed.
  • Correlation, indexing, preparation and review of the project Quality Records.
  • Liaising with the Client on the status of document approval.
  • Control of all Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management documentation.
  • Liaising with other project personnel to ensure all required documentation is submitted on time, is legible, properly identified and status is indicated. 
  • Liaising with the Sub-Contractors to ensure the efficient and timely submission of Quality documentation for review and approval.
  • Liaising with the Construction Team to ensure access to all necessary documents at latest revision.
Document Control

Technical Writing

Our Technical Writers are experienced Engineers and their deeper understanding offers necessary value to the start of a new venture. Often relied upon by or clients in previous projects, our Technical Writers have grown to become the information hub of the Engineering and Quality Departments. Increasingly, construction projects are being delayed due to incorrect or overdue documentation and lengthy approval processes. To counter this, QEM Solutions develop and modify the required documentation, but also manage the document approval process with the Client to prevent additional delays through contention.

Specific Technical Writer responsibilities can be found below;

  • Modification of existing method statements / construction procedures where applicable.
  • Review of existing working practices.
  • Review of contract requirements in relation to existing working practices.
  • Development of written methodology describing safe systems of work in relation to both contract and legislative requirements.
  • Monitoring & recording of document status.
  • Producing status reports of document approvals (both for internal and client issue).
  • Development of relevant risk assessments in relation to work methodologies produced.
  • Identification of gaps in information in relation to project deliverables.
  • Liaison with construction personnel to ensure suitable working methodologies identified at design stage are practical and can be carried out in a safe manner.
  • Liaison with client to develop and maintain a schedule for documentation review.
  • Managing the required output of documentation in relation to the contracted program of works.
Technical Writing

Project start up consultancy

It's the start of the project. And everyone just wants to get stuck in. So start up consultancy is the kind of job that most people don't like doing, or dont have time to do. However, without a good start-up plan we all know that there will be standing time and increased project costs. This is what we do, and do well. QEM Solutions provide this service under a fixed sum contract where the deliverables are self-managed and tailored to your individual project requirements. This allows you to get on with what you really need to do.

So what do we do?

  • Deliverables. Review your project contracts to identify final project deliverables.
  • Identify sub-deliverables to ensure all responsibilities are allocated.
  • Create a complete deliverables matrix to communicate project requirements to team and client.
  • Identify all responsibilities and communicate these with milestone dates.
  • Create and develop method statements, risk assessments, management plans, inspection & test plans, schedules, calculations, etc.
  • Manage method statement & risk assessment approval process.
  • Identification of consents (environmental, Highways, Network Rail, etc)
  • Identify gaps in information supplied by the client.
  • Identify gaps / conflicts in specifications requested by the client.
Project start up consultancy

Engineering & Site Management

On your project, it's reassuring to know that you have someone you can turn to at any stage. Someone you can rely on to keep you up to date. A linch pin. Over the years our clients have come to know that they can rely on QEM Solutions for this service. From planning, to constructing and maintaining, we have all the skills, experience & knowhow needed to help with every stage. Our a team of Engineers draw on backgrounds of: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing, Geotechnical and Environmental engineering disciplines. Able to draw on best practice from other industries, we think around problems. It also means that the solutions we provide for you can be unique to the your industry. Our staff have amassed the polar opposite experiences of working in the office in design teams and on the site managing teams of engineers and Sub-Contractors, or being a Client's representative on site and dealing with the Contractor solely on their behalf. Every one of our team brings their own personality and way of dealing with things to a project. But they all have one key trait in common. The interpersonal skills required to engage with construction personnel, engineering staff or senior management.

We can offer engineering and site management skills such as;

  • Engineering:
  • Management of site investigations including enviro-geotechnical.
  • Identification of any gaps in design prior to construction.
  • Development of technical bid applications.
  • Temporary Works Co-ordination.
  • Management of design interface between designers and 3rd parties. 
  • Verification of contractor safe working practices; Tunneling, CP, E&I, Hydrostatic Testing.
  • Development of Engineering documentation including; schedules, specifications, data sheets and management plans.
  • Management and verification of tunneling / crossing designs and techniques, including the generation of third party acceptance submissions and the necessary supporting calculations.
  • Management of Site Engineering departments, including surveyors, CAD operators and other Engineers.

Site Management:

  • Managing of sub-contractors.
  • Inspection of conditions to Client / Legislation specifying standards.
  • Managing of budgets and resources so that programs are achieved on target and on budget.
  • Reporting of progress and delays with proposed mitigations to those delays.
  • Chairing of meetings between Clients and Contractors.
  • Staff experienced in Quality, H&S and Environmental Legislation and best practices and implementing these on construction sites and working environments.
  • Hosting of toolbox talks and safety presentations.
  • Personnel trained in Behavioural Techniques for dealing with ranging personality types.


Engineering & Site Management

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