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At QS Supplies, we are an online marketplace for all the best bathroom accessories. We supply bathroom accessories like toilet roll holders, robe hooks, soap dishes, and mirrors.

Please visit our site to browse our complete line of chrome, gold and nickel-plated bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Suites at QS Supplies

With the right products and fittings, the right bathroom suite can increase the space of your bathroom.  Our bathroom suite is a complete package consisting of shower or a bath, wash basin and toilet.

The right bathroom suite is an important purchase and should not be taken lightly. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations, the quality of our products is unmatched. We are sure to have the bathroom of our dreams.

QS Bathroom Accessories

At QS Supplies, we are an online marketplace for all the best bathroom accessories. We supply bathroom accessories like toilet roll holders, robe hooks, soap dishes, and mirrors.

Please visit our site to browse our complete line of chrome, gold and nickel-plated bathroom accessories.

Shower Enclosures at QS Supplies

A shower enclosure adds visual appeal as well as protection in your bathroom. We have a choice of shower enclosures, shower doors and walk-in showers. Our products are supplied in a variety of glass doors, panels and quadrants.

Visit our online store to find the right shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Cloakrooms at QS Supplies

We have a variety of cloakroom suites -- WC and basins -- to exceed your expectations. Whether for compact, corner or standard cloakrooms, our product line of cloakroom suites is extensive. With some amazing visual lines, we are sure they will impress.

A Range of Toilets at QS Supplies

At our online shop, you can browse cisterns, bidets, designer loos and water closets. We have a great selection of toilets, WCs and bidets to update your bathroom. We have back-to-wall toilet nnits and designer wall hung toilets. Feel free to browse our series of toilets, WCs and bidets and contact is if you have any queries.

QS Bathroom Lights

We truly are a bathroom lighting superstore. We supply bathroom lights for ceilings, walls and even floors. We gave got an excellent collection of bathroom lights, so feel free to browse our collection of lights at our online marketplace.

Towel rails

We stock comprehensive range of towel rails for large and small bathrooms & living rooms; from various suppliers all over United Kingdom and Europe. We can assure you on the quality of the products listed on our website. We regularly update our offers on our website. Don’t miss the chance, and buy the desired heating system for your home or office. Available in chrome or gold finish, we stock Curved, Straight, Electric Towel Rails and their Valves from Ultra, Hudson Reed, Tivolis and DQ Heating.


The main purpose of a bathroom radiator is to dry your towels and provide comforting warm ones ready for use. They are available in a range of choices, such as ladder rails in straight & curved shape, traditional looking towel heaters, and designer rads. This extensive choice sometimes may lead to confusion about the right product that you should choose for yourself. At QS Supplies, we have categorized them individually and have provided in-depth information on each, detailing the dimensions, material, heat output and functionality. We endeavor and trust that this will assist you in making the appropriate selection. All the bathroom radiators showcased on our site has been manufactured by reputed brands and meet with the mandatory British and European Standards.


A shower is one of the most functional areas within the home. While accommodating obvious sanitary needs, this modern marvel is just as able to provide a sense of comfort and style. Therefore, it should be no surprise that there are a number of different styles and features to keep in mind. From full enclosures to electrically-operated units, the choices are as varied as the designs themselves. Grab our sale of Designer Showers, which includes enclosures, quadrant doors, electric showers and trays.


Taps are crucial elements used in every bathroom and kitchen, either if it’s a basin, bath, sink or any sanitary ware. At QS Supplies, we stock a complete series of kitchen & bathroom taps. Updating a tap is a cost effective way to give your entire washroom a facelift; and great styles come naturally when you have stunning faucets installed. We invite you to take a look at our range and select the right product that would perfectly blend in your room.


At QS Supplies, we stock & sell complete fitted bathroom furniture, storage systems and bathroom cabinets. We have a variety of options in this category to select, ranging from different shades to sizes. You can give a complete makeover to your room by selecting the right one, either in modern or traditional design.


To achieve the bathroom of your dreams, one of the important things that need to be considered is Mirrors. By installing state-of-the-art Mirrors from our on-line store, you can transform your washroom in to the most technologically advanced room in your house. Whether you are looking to opt for traditional or contemporary style, our collection of products can blend seamlessly into any bathroom.


Even if you regularly use a dishwasher to clean dinner plates, you will still need a good quality kitchen sink for things like washing vegetables, soaking baking trays, and cleaning those items that you can’t put in the dishwasher. Choosing a sink that matches the design of your room is important, but it is also important that you consider the practicalities of cleaning, fitting, and maintaining the sink itself.

Gas fire

Gas fires are modern classic that can be found in both traditional and modern houses and hotels. Browse our entire new line of products that includes Inset, Outset, No Chimney, hole in the wall and electric fire places.  We offer a full range in this category from different suppliers that features minimalist design fireplaces, which comes with unique surround. Gas fires can save energy and warm up an entire room, and when you save energy it makes a tremendous difference to the environment.

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