QTP Environmental Ltd

We specialise in the supply and service of environmental testing chambers. We supply the following environmental testing chambers:

  • Temperature Chambers
  • Climatic Chambers
  • Thermal Shock Chambers
  • Stress Test Chambers
  • Pharma Chambers
  • Vibration Test Chambers TV/CV

CTS Products

We work with environment simulation, as well as for refrigeration and climatic technology. We supply a number of other CTS products to meet your needs.

Our other CTS products include:

  • Custom chambers
  • Controlling chambers
  • Walk in chambers
CTS Products

Test Chamber Supply and Service

Standing behind our equipment, we provide a number of service packages designed to meet your needs and aftersales expectations. From calibration to maintenance, we help you get the most out of your environmental testing chambers.

Our service agreement options include:

  • Maintenance Only
  • Maintenance 'Coverplan'
  • Comprehensive 'Fullcover'

Please visit our website for more information.

Test Chamber Supply and Service

Lithium Ion Battery Testing

Working with clients and the battery industry, our product suppliers have developed various levels of additional protection at an integral part of their specialised chambers. These protection have greatly improved our options for lithium ion battery testing.

Options for lithium ion battery testing include:

  • Safety temperature limiter max
  • Door locking system
  • Venting duct
  • CO-Sensor
  • Flushing device with N², LN² or CO² (LN2/CO2 also for cooling)
  • Membrane for overpressure
  • N2-Inertisation (till O2 <3%)
Lithium Ion Battery Testing

QTP Environmental

At QTP Environmental, we specialise in the sales, support and service of environmental testing products. We work with CTS GmbH and are substantially supported by them both commercially and technically.

Our personnel are experienced in chamber selection, operation, and support, whether the chamber is new, second user or rental. At QTP Environmental, we provide:

  • quality test products
  • performance test equipment
  • experienced support
  • a focus on quality
QTP Environmental

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