Quality Blasting Ltd

At Quality Blasting we offer the widest range of shot blasting facilities in the West Midlands.

We have a large automatic section, catering for commericial shot blasting, cleaning and surface profiling. Our hand cabinet sections cater for work that cannot be tumbled such as itemsneed selective face blasting or small quantities and one offs.

Two large blastrooms, one equipped with grit, the other operating with glass bead, have a capacity for items up to 7m x 3m x 3m in area and 3 tonnes in weight.

We have a newly installed aquablasting machine for fine blasting of automotive parts and more fragile components.

Shot peening is a process that we undertake on a regular basis, working on anything from small items to large industrial food manufacturing equipment.

We offer a same day quotation service with a fast turnaround on work scheduling.

Shot blasting

Quality Blasting offer a Shot Blasting service which can be used to produce a specific surface finish on stainless steel & aluminium. Shot blasting will also provide a opaque finish on plastics and a distressed finish on wood.

Shot blasting

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