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Finding a designer that suites your every need is often a tricky affair. You might be asking yourself, "Will it be done on time?" or, "Will it integrate properly into our system 'X' ?"

At Quality Electronic Designs we pride ourselves in getting things right for our clients first time. With many years of experience in electronic design and business practices, our clients are pleasantly surprised by the length of detail we provide them with.

We can work with you from your first concepts right up to producing your finished product for you. As an example, please take a look at the "case studies" link on the left hand side.

We will produce professional circuit diagrams for your records. Each diagram is fully documented with version number, your company logo and description etc. Our schematic capture programs also keep a log of any changes made and what they were

PCB Design

We produce professional PCB from circuit diagrams. You can either come to us with the circuit diagram or we can design the schematic with our Electronic Design service. We are capable of producing the necessary CAD files to have your PCB's manufactured quickly and effortlessly. Our CAD program has the following capabilities:

  • 16 copper layers, 2 silk screen layers, 4 mechanical layers plus board edge, keepout, solder resist and solder paste mask
  • Any angle component placement and pad-stacks.
  • Fully automatic ratsnest and force vector generation.
  • Acclaimed manual routing system is ideal for complex, netlist based manual routing.
  • Gridless, polygonal power planes with full control of fill styles, thermals, nesting and islands.
  • Connectivity and (live) physical design rule checking verify design integrity.
  • ODB++, CADCAM and panelisation manufacturing output facilities
  • 3D Visualisation Engine provides 3-dimensional view of the current layout
PCB Design

PCB Assembly

In today's world of ever increasing pressures of getting your product to market, you can rely on us to get the job done. Our surface mount pick and place machine uses cameras to accurately place your components on the board for your PCB assembly. Hampshire based, Quality Electronic Designs can take care of your PCB assembly needs from full procurement all the way down to free issue of parts and boards.

We have a number of services depending on your lead time. These include a 1 day fast turnaround on board manufacture, down to two to three weeks on board manufacture. At the bottom of this page a recent example of our work.

Please feel free to send in your details and we will quote your job based on your requirements. You will be glad you did

PCB Assembly

Component Source

At Quality Electronic Designs we understand how time consuming it can be sourcing the right components for your assembly projects. Perhaps you are looking for hard to find, military spec or just commercially available components.

We have a great relationship with many component suppliers such as RS and Farnell such that we get very good pricing - even at small quantities. We also have many other suppliers around the world for those hard to find components, so whatever your requirement, you can rest assure that Quality Electronic Designs has the edge that your business needs.

A quote is just a few clicks away, so why not cut and paste your requirement into the box below and we will get back to you in a very short while

Component Source

Case Study

We have many happy customers and we would like to show you what you could achieve by doing business with us.

Applied Measurements Ltd (a load cell company) came to us with a first concept of replacing load cells with an easy to use, digital, non contact tension meter. They initially had no idea how this could be done or what electronics were involved. Our engineers had many meetings with Applied Measurements to determine the best way to tackle such a task and we came up with a simple device that detects the frequency of oscillation in a steel wire. There is a direct relationship between the frequency in the wire and the tension within the strand. Our engineers produced the electronic design, PCB files and the assembly work to produce the final product for Applied Measurements

Case Study

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