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ISO 9001 can be implemented for any business and is the internationally recognised family of standards for quality management systems.

With ISO 9001 certification you will:

 - Access new, more profitable markets

 - Gain greater customer satisfaction

 - Work more efficiently

 - Continually improve your business process

 - Save time, money and resources

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that sets out the requirements for establishing an effective Environmental Management System.

With ISO 14001 Certification you will:

- Reduce the environmental impact of operating your business

- Increase profitability and business opportunities

- Reduce waste and optimise energy use

- Demonstrate compliance with relevant Environmental Legislation 

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 certification is beneficial for any company that wishes to demonstrate its commitment to the safety and well being of its employees.

With OSHAS 18001 Certification You will:

- Demonstrate compliance with relevant Health & Safety Legislation

- Gain improved understanding of Health & Safety within your team

- Lower the risk of accidents and injuries 

- Possibly reduce your insurance premiums

OHSAS 18001

NHSS - National Highway Sector Schemes

If you're serious about winning work in the Highways Sector 

then a call to us will set you on the road to success.

We'll arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our experts to share our knowledge on these standards and how we can help you achieve and maintain certification.

Benefits of a NHSS Certificate:

- Approved Supplier Status 

- Access to Larger Contracts

- Increased Profitability 

NHSS - National Highway Sector Schemes

PAS 99

Formal management systems help companies like yours to gain more business, work smarter, to deliver more and aid with legal compliance.

Do you have two or more management systems in place that have been implemented as stand-alone systems, manuals, procedures etc allocated to separate managers, administrative and operational resources that are operating in a disjointed way?

Quality Improvements UK Ltd are experts in helping you to integrate your management systems.

PAS 99


We can also help you with the following:

- Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

- Total Quality Management (TQM)

- Training Needs Analysis

- Outsourced Quality, Environmental & Health and Safety Support

- Internal Audits


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