Quazar Softwareentwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH


IMAGE DATABASES FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS: i. e. DicomView and DicomView Net in the cardiac cath lab. IMAGING SOLUTIONS IN THE BROADCASTING AREA: i.e. promotional film archive media department (Kraft Jacobs Suchard). OEM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS FOR HARDWARE MANUFACTURERS: i.e. USV control software (Siemens, AEG, etc.). SOFTWARE FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: Event gastronomy „Bierbörse“ (Berlin and Hamburg). Moreover, we are an official Novell professional developer and a member of the Microsoft Developer Network. We are using Windows, Windows NT, UNIX, DOS, Novell and OS/2 as system platforms. We create software primarily in C / C + +, however, system-related developments in assembler can also be managed easily. We are currently operating, inter alia, within the following sectors: Traffic monitoring (flash device controlling), data acquisition and processing (UPS-management), image transfer, the medical sector, and security technology.

Quazar Softwareentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

This extensive range implies that the company emphasises on the combination of software as well as on complex and often unusual hardware. In most cases, the Windows family, Novell networks, the DOS and UNIX serve as our system platforms. The software is being developed in C / C + +, Visual C ++, Visual Basic as well as Gupta SQL for SQL databases, or, in some cases, also in assembler, clipper or dbase. The Quazar GmbH is the official Novell professional developer as well as Computer 2000 dealer and authorised Microsoft DOS-licensor.                                                                                       

Our products: Image processing (digital), development of software, individual software, sector-specific software solutions, software for medical image data storage, software application development, archiving systems for medicine, electronic archive systems, digital picture archive, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) for medicine.

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