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We are specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of pneumatic tube transport systems. Our resources and enthusiasm ensure all installations of pneumatic tube systems, large or small, fully meet our customer expectations.

We have the in-house infrastructure to ensure delivery of comprehensive after sales and maintenance services that fully reflect the reliance that users place on their installation of pneumatic tube systems and relative products and accessories.

Industrial Vacuum

We supply an eclectic variety of industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuum pumps, providing effective and reliable solutions for all work environments such as warehouses, food production and pharmaceutical plants.

Whether you are looking for a fully integrated industrial vacuum cleaning system to serve the entire building or a high power portable vacuum to remove spills and dust on the production line, we offer a variety of models to suit your requirements.

Industrial Vacuum

Exhaust Blowers

We offer a wide variety of multistage exhaust blowers. These exhaust blowers range from 0.55kW to 15kW. We also offer a wide range of Multistage vacuum pumps from 0.55kW to 15kW.

We provide an excellent industrial range of models for continuous or intermittent operation in all types of applications. They are ideally suited to moving large volumes of air particularly in aggressive environments.

Exhaust Blowers

Central Vacuum Cleaning

We provide the most reliable and comprehensive central vacuum cleaning solutions. Our vacuum cleaning systems offer a complete service just like electricity, water or compressed air. Every system we supply is designed to suit the specific requirements of each individual application you may have.

Besides central vacuum cleaning operations a system can also:

  • Be used with interceptors
  • Empty sumps
  • Move bulk
  • Extract particles in work areas
Central Vacuum Cleaning

Industrial Vacuum Accessories

As part of our extensive services, we supply industrial vacuum accessories and tools. These industrial vacuum accessories and tools are available from stock and can be ordered by phone or email.

They include:

  • Pickup tools
  • Carpet tools
  • Round brushes
  • Dusting tool
Industrial Vacuum Accessories

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