R and G Technology Ltd

PCB Repairs - Circuit Board Repairs

R and G Technology Ltd were established to provide a specialist service to all users of Printed Circuit Boards, from base board manufactures through to end users. We offer our customers a wide variety of services and solutions for their circuit boards.

We carry out work on all types of boards, from bare boards through to complete assemblies and on all types of technologies from standard single sided circuit boards to complex multilayer boards manufactured in exotic laminates.

R and G Technology Ltd aim to provide all our customers with a high quality, competitive, efficient and quick turn - around service that offers PCB repairs, modifications, conformal coating, rework, prototyping and small batch assembly viable and cost affective.

PCB Repairs In

  • Track Repairs
  • SMT and BGA Pad Repairs
  • Plated Through Hole and Pad Repairs
  • Solder on Gold Repairs
  • Gold Finger Replacements
  • Circuit Profile Repairs
  • Inner layer repairs
  • Open/Short Location and Repair
  • Burn Repairs
  • Damaged PCB Edges, Corners and Surfaces
  • Circuit Board Delamination, Blistering and Measling Repairs
  • Solder Resist and Component Legend (Ident) Repairs
  • Circuit Bow and Twist Repairs
  • Base Board Repairs including pre-bonded inner layers
  • Solder Removal

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