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We have been trading in welded mesh for over 28 years and have developed an excellent reputation for quality and service. Our primary product is welded mesh and we can supply this in standard sizes (e.g. 4' x 8' sheets) or cut to size as required. If desired we can also frame the mesh with a variety of edging products. We also supply expanded metal, perforated metal, reinforcing and woven fabrics.

If enquiring about building your own aviary, please consider what type of mesh would be most suitable for your birds.  We have supplied mesh to house everything from finches to eagle owls and they have rather different requirements.

Welded Mesh

The term ‘Heavy mesh’ is widely used in the industry to refer to meshes with a wire diameter between 12g (2.5mm) and 6g (4.7mm).  Mesh made from wires greater than 6g can be made to order.

Heavy welded mesh has many uses in industries such as engineering, agriculture, construction and security. Below are a few sample applications and mesh types commonly used.

Machine Guards3” x ½” x 10g (finger mesh)   2” x 2” x 10g
Pallets2” x 2” x 10g   2” x 2” x 8g
Crowd Barriers3” x 1” x 10g     3” x 1” x 12g
Handrail infill Panels2” x 2” x 10g1” x 1” x 10g
Security3” x ½” x 8g  (prison mesh)2” x 2” x 2.5mm
Hey racks3” x 3” x 6g    3” x 6” x 6g



Light Mesh

Light meshes are those of 14g wire (2.0mm) or thinner and are mostly available in a galvanised finish. They are used where small apertures are more critical than heavy wires.

Common uses:

  • Animal runs / hutches
  • Aviaries
  • Filters
  • Tree guards
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Garden protection

Light meshes are manufactured into rolls (typically 36″ and 48″ wide).  As with heavy mesh, we are happy to cut light mesh to whatever size you require.

Light Mesh

Light Welded Mesh

Light meshes are those of 14g wire or and thinner and are available in self colour or galvanised. They are used where small apertures are more critical than heavy wires. One of the growing markets is the pet industry.

Common Uses;

They are generally available in rolls, most commonly 36" and 48" wide (others available)

Light Welded Mesh

Handrail Infill Panels

These panels are custom made to infill the gaps in handrailing installations, typically for reasons of safety. 

They are commonly used with a tubular handrail system in conjunction with mesh panel clips, however they can be supplied with lugs / fixing holes to allow them to be attached to other types of handrail.  The mesh used is typically 2” square or 1” square, however we have made panels using mesh as small as ¼” x ¼” in the past.

Common framing materials:

  • Round Bar 
  • Angle
  • U-Section edging

Information on Handrail Infill Panels.

Handrail Infill Panels

Heavy Welded Mesh

Welded mesh has many and varied uses in industries such as engineering, agriculture, construction and security. Below are a few sample applications and mesh types commonly used.

We also offer a cut to size service so if you need a piece that is not a standard size, we can help. 

We provide quantities ranging from one offs to thousands.
Heavy Welded Mesh

Custom Made Mesh

If none of the standard mesh types meet your needs, we can produce bespoke panels/custom made mesh.

We can produce bespoke panels out of

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High-tensile reinforcing bars.

Bespoke manufacture can achieve:

  • Mixed wire diameters
  • Non-standard wire pitches or mixed pitches
  • Tapered edges
  • Triple-thickness panels
  • Specific overall panel dimensions

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise and quote accordingly.

Pre-galvanised Mesh

This is one of the few meshes made as both a true metric and imperial product. The difference is small, however if you are matching to existing mesh it is important that you get the right type as over a 6' height, the metric and imperial meshes will differ by approximately 1".

Pre-galvanised mesh is typically stocked in rolls and can be supplied as such. However, we offer a full cutting service whereby we cut and flatten panels to the exact sizes as required.

We keep all of our pre-galvanised mesh clean and dry so it is suitable for cladding racking as shown to the right.
Pre-galvanised Mesh

Framed Panels

We can manufacture framed panels of mesh to our customers specifications.

Typical uses include:

(Pictured Left) Round Bar Framing option.

Framed Panels


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