R and J Mesh Ltd

We have been trading in welded mesh for over 28 years and have developed an excellent reputation for quality and service. Our primary product is welded mesh and we can supply this in standard sizes (e.g. 4' x 8' sheets) or cut to size as required. If desired we can also frame the mesh with a variety of edging products. We also supply expanded metal, perforated metal, reinforcing and woven fabrics.

If enquiring about building your own aviary, please consider what type of mesh would be most suitable for your birds.  We have supplied mesh to house everything from finches to eagle owls and they have rather different requirements.

  1. Balustrades Infill Panels

    Balustrades Infill Panels
    Handrail infill panels
  2. Bespoke Gabions

    Bespoke Gabions
    We can produce bespoke gabions
  3. Bespoke - Metal Mesh

    Bespoke - Metal Mesh
    Please see website
  4. Bespoke Wire Mesh

    Bespoke Wire Mesh
    Please see website for more information
  5. Cable ties

    Cable ties
    Plastic cable-ties to order.
  6. Concrete Reinforced Wire Mesh

    Concrete Reinforced Wire Mesh
    Contact us for more information
  7. Custom Made Mesh

    Custom Made Mesh
    Custom made to order
  8. Embankment Retention

    Embankment Retention
    In addition to welded mesh we offer reinforcing fabrics.
  9. Expanded Metal - Products

    Expanded Metal - Products
    Contact us for more information
  10. Fencing - Agricultural

    Fencing - Agricultural
    Agricultural fencing available