R I C Hemmings Timber Merchant Ltd

From our location in Kent, R I C Hemmings Timber Merchants supplies the region with quality timber, decking and fencing.

As experienced timber merchants, we take pride in our exceptional service, outstanding value and next day delivery service.


Our supply of quality decking material, including "Winchester" Reversible Decking (27mm x 144mm finished size), as well as most of the "Q-Deck Plus" accessory range. Specifications for all of our decking material can be found on our website.





  • 3x3 Tanalised - (2.4/3m)
  • 4x4 Tanalised - (2.4/3m)
  • Post Caps for 3x3/4x4 Posts
  • Slotted Concrete Post - (5'/6'/7'/8'/9'/10')
  • Slotted Concrete Corner Post - (8'/9')
  • Morticed Concrete Post - (5'/7'/8'/9')

Rails + Gravel Boards

  • 3" Arris Rail - (2.4/3m)
  • 3x2 Cant Rail - (Lengths cut to order)
  • 3x1 Tanalised - (Lengths cut to order - typically for Picket Fences)
  • 6x1 Tanalised (Brown) - (2.4/3m)
  • 6x1 Tanalised (Green) - (4.8m)
  • 6" Concrete Gravel Board - (6')
  • 12" Concrete Gravel Board - (6')


  • 4" Featheredge - (1.2/1.5/1.65/1.8m) - (4'/5'/5'6"/6")
  • 6" Featheredge - (1.8m)
  • 3x1 square top pickets - cut to order
  • 3x1 pointed pickets - cut to order
  • 3x1 round top pickets - cut to order 


  • Arris Brackets
  • Mortice Arris Brackets
  • Panel Clips
  • Gravel Board Clips
  • Concrete Cleats for Concrete Gravel Boards

Doors And Gates

We over a number of doors and gates in a variety of styles and materials. We offer a custom service to make "Framed Ledge and Brace" (FLB) doors and gates to meet your specification.

We have:

  • 6'6" x 2'6" square top gates
  • 4-section heavy duty gates spanning over 20', in both softwood and hardwood
  • intricate designs and unusual sizes including round-top and waves and
Doors And Gates


We can supply upon request any item from the entire Velux roofing range.

Our products also include "Chesterfelt" Roof Felt:

  • 20m x 1m - "3B" Bonding Layer
  • 16m x 1m - "Debotec Debovent" Perforated Venting Layer
  • 16m x 1m x 2mm - "Debotec Topguard" Torch-on Underlay
  • 12m x 1m x 3mm - "Debotec" Polyester Torch-on Underlay
  • 8m x 1m x 4mm - "Debotec Topguard" Torch-on Capping Sheet (Green/Charcoal/Brindle)
  • 10m x 1m - "Chestershed" Shed Felt
  • 50m x 1m - "Tempo" Breathable Membrane (BBA - UK Manufactured)

Our waterproofing/sealant/adhesive roofing products include: 

  • Everbuild BlackJack "All Weather Roof Coating"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Bitumen Roof Felt Adhesive"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Solar Reflective Paint"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Bitumen and Flashing Primer"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Black Bitumen Paint"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "D.P.M"
  • Everbuild "EverCryl" One Coat - Instant Waterproofing for roofs, gutters and gulleys

Sheet Materials

We have a tremendous supply of timber sheet materials utilising all types of materials and sizes.

Some of our sheet materials include:

WBP (External Grade, Waterproof Ply)

  • 4mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')
  • 6mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')
  • 9mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')
  • 12mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')
  • 18mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')
  • 25mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')


On stock, we have small selection of hardwood mouldings. We can supply to order a wide range of mouldings and P.S.E sections in the following hardwoods:

  • American Ash
  • Heat Treated Ash
  • American Black Walnut
  • American Cherry
  • American Hard Maple
  • American Red Oak
  • American White Oak
  • European Oak
  • Balau
  • Douglas Fir (softwood)
  • Garapa
  • Idigbo
  • Iroko
  • Massaranduba
  • Sapele
  • Merbau
  • Meranti
  • Siberian Larch (Softwood)
  • Steamed Beech
  • Southern Yellow Pine (Softwood)
  • Tulipwood
  • Unsteamed Beech
  • Utile
  • Western Red Cedar (Softwood)

(Please call with your cutting list for current pricing and availability)


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