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R. STAHL Limited specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of electrical equipment for explosive environments. We believe in the value of providing quality products for every single customer coupled with high levels of customer service. Our product range consists of:

We understand the importance of providing the right product for the right environment. Whether you are working in a chemical, oil, gas or waste environment, to name a few, we are confident our UK based engineers will be able to help you to find the perfect solution.

Being part of a global leader, we have the support of our subsidiaries to bring the latest technology direct to you. With our UK office based in Birmingham, we are able to serve Britain with a competitive range of equipment for an explosive environment. We have an onsite manufacturing plant right here in the UK, preventing the need to import goods which can be expensive and time consuming.

ATEX Automation Equipment

R. STAHL’s combination of smart and innovative systems ensures that your automation technology will always meet the standard. We confidently offer the complete spectrum of the following:

  • · Remote I/O IS1
  • · Fieldbus technology ISbus
  • · EXi isolators ISpac
  • · Operating and monitoring systems HMI

Please visit our website for more information.

ATEX Automation Equipment

ATEX Signalling Devices Beacons Sounders

R. STAHL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of signalling devices. We can develop and produce optical, acoustical and combined signalling devices. The products in explosion-protected design are applied in R. STAHL’s traditional markets.

For more information on our Visual Signalling Devices, Audible and Visual Signalling Devices, Audible Signalling Devices and Control Devices, please see our website.

ATEX Signalling Devices Beacons Sounders

ATEX safety barriers

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers are used to connect intrinsically safe circuits with non-intrinsically safe circuits. Their purpose is to protect circuits installed in explosive risk areas. R. STAHL safety barriers are characterised by ease of technical use. The large product range and wide scope of different combinations offer you a large field of applications.
ATEX safety barriers

Explosion Proof Computer

Economic pressures have increased requirements and demands for everyone. Customers now challenge their suppliers with ever more complex tasks, and the trend is moving towards system solutions. The renowned specialist, R. Stahl, has been actively providing system solutions for explosion protection for years.

Of course, we always take the specific requirements of customers into account. Based on a product portfolio which can be made up of own or third party products, planning and manufacturing takes place in accordance with customer specifications and results in a tailor-made solution for the customer. R. Stahl covers all ignition protection classes in electrical explosion protection and is thus always able to design and implement the optimum solution.

Our broad product range allows explosion protection ranging from a connection box to a fieldbus system. We have a high level of vertical integration which gives us great flexibility in meeting customers' wishes.

All our products, including Explosion Proof Computers, can be found on the R- Stahl website, with full detail.

Explosion Proof Computer

ATEX certified equipment

The comprehensive installation material supplied by R. STAHL includes: explosion protected cable glands for different ignition protection classes, stopping plugs to seal unused bores in enclosures, breathing glands for the continuous pressure balance between the interiors of enclosures and the surrounding atmosphere, explosion protected cable conduits for the power supply into enclosures as well as other accessories.
ATEX certified equipment

ATEX applications

System Solutions

Oil and Gas Industry
Heat, storms and hail: these are the tough conditions of oil and gas exploration and production. This is why these companies rely on the high-quality technology of reliable partners. R. STAHL can offer first class technology which reliably protects personnel and equipment, be it under desert or ice conditions. The available expert knowledge allows us to come up with suitable solutions for even the most difficult scenarios. Whether it is the exploration, production, transport or storage of oil or gas, or processing in refineries, our products ensure safety everywhere.

Chemical Industry
To streamline their international organisations and to reduce costs, chemical companies look to employ uniform standards worldwide for the technical equipment of their chemical plants. This is a major reason for collaborating with R.STAHL. Our product and service programme is certified worldwide and we offer fast, trouble-free delivery and customer service - wherever in the world our customers locate and operate their plants.   Pharmaceutical Industry
Regardless of whether you are looking for products for clean room conditions, specific solutions or competent advice on the planning of plants - R. STAHL offers solid know-how for those special requirements. Our products are designed for fast and continuous changes in production processes. The production process can be completely documented according to international standards. Thus we meet the strict approval criteria of both the European (GAMP) and US (FDA) authorities.
ATEX applications

Hazardous Area Equipment

For more than 80 years R. STAHL has fulfilled a unique role in protecting lives and property in harsh and hazardous (classified) locations. R. STAHL is a leading manufacturer of explosion protection products. Whether you are looking to expand your business to global markets, or don't have time to custom design each system particular to where it is going in the world, we at R. STAHL can help. With our universal package of products, you can specify one product for anywhere in the world. Whether you are going to Angola, Russia, Europe, Brazil or Houston, our products will meet NEC,CEC, ATEX, GOST, Inmetro, and IECEx standards to name a few.
Hazardous Area Equipment

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