R Ulrich & Co GmbH


R. Ulrich & Co. GmbH has been active in the veneer business since 1938 and today offer a range of services for every need. We have the knowledge, experience, technology and a well-developed logistics system to provide you with premiere quality veneers created from the finest raw materials that have been carefully selected and processed with the latest technology.

We absolutely insist on controlled logging and continuous reforestation practices. That is why we work with suppliers who share these values. Like all IVC companies, we are FSC® certified.

Our predominant long-standing customers trust our competence. They know that we are a medium-sized family company in third generation with a warehouse stock of about 10 million m² of about 60 types of wood and that we can respond fast, reliable and flexible to their needs.

R. Ulrich & Co. GmbH

Furthermore we are founder member of IVC (International Veneer Company); an international company of medium-sized veneer specialists from Germany, USA and Italy that belongs to the worldwide leading veneer manufactures and traders.

Those who look for quality and excellent customer support in the field of veneers and look for individual support and an international strength are right with us.

Our products: veneers, round timber, timber trade, exotic woods, thick cut veneers, special veneers, wood cuttings, wooden construction elements, sawn veneers, sliced veneers.

R. Ulrich & Co. GmbH
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