Radian Design Ltd


Radian Design is an industrial design and product development consultancy based near Ipswich in the heart of East Anglia within easy reach of Cambridge, London and the South-East.

Product Design

Together with our clients, we develop new products and technologies from concept, through design and development to manufacture. We have developed specialist knowledge over the years in designing manufactured goods from medical to biotech, consumer to commercial products.

Product Design

Product Development

We are there for every step of the process from design to manufacturing. We have an excellent understanding in concept design, industrial design and engineering development including prototyping, regulatory affairs, protection of intellectual property and design for manufacture. We see design manufacture as an integral part of our role which is why we have developed a really clear understanding of the manufacturing process to fully support all of our clients.

Product Development

Industrial Design

Industrial design shapes almost everything we use in our everyday lives. Good design is the difference between a product that simply works and one that is a delight to look at, touch and use; it is what sets it apart. At Radian Design we keep up to date with the latest trends, technologies and materials and carry out targeted research when working on a new product. We consider form, function, materials, ergonomics, durability and ease of manufacture and assembly as well as cost and profitability in the design process. We have a proven track record in delivering well thought out, innovative and beautifully designed products.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is integral to the product design and development process. Having worked with designing products across a range of manufacturing processes we know what it takes to give you the edge. Whether it is working with a single component, mechanism or assembly we understand the role of engineering when it comes to designing first class products.

Design to Manufacture

Essential to good design is an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing. From injection moulding to sheet metal work, we understand these processes and are happy to work closely with toolmakers and manufacturers to bring your project into production. We have built up a network of connections to suppliers, both in the UK and associates with links to far Eastern manufacturing. We can assist our clients to source the right manufacturer to bring their product to market.

3D CAD Design

We provide fully detailed 3D CAD models and toleranced 2D CAD drawings which are designed for manufacture and assembly, from which tooling data can be generated.

Prototyping and Testing

We understand the importance of prototyping and testing to any design process and that each project has different requirements. With our in house equipment we can make foam models and 3D prints of your design for testing before any commitment is made to expensive tooling

.Further down the line we work closely with partners to meet more complex prototyping requirements such as CNC machining, vacuum casting and visual models showing real finishes and textures.

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