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Radio Links Communications Ltdestablished since 1972, is the first independent radio company in the UK to hire out professional radio communications. Using the wealth of knowledge, the company rapidly evolved into system sales and services. We achieved ISO 9002 in 1993. We are an authorised Motorola dealer but also supply and support Hytera, Team Simoco, Entel and Icom products. With a UK customer base extending back over 34 years, our service record speaks for itself.

Onsite Communications Ltd, was formed in 1986 to concentrate on providing the hire of a management package of communications to major sporting events throughout the UK. This company has now evolved into audio sales and service supplying the commercial and retail sectors of business.

Motorola 2 Way Radio

Radio Links Sales Department is committed to providing you with the communication system best suited to your business or application. For complex radio systems we will carry out a free of charge survey of your premises or area to ascertain your exact requirements.


  • Handportable Radios
  • Digital Radio
  • Vehicle Mobiles
  • Base Stations and Repeaters
  • Licence Exempt
  • VoIP and Trunk Radio Systems
  • Paging
  • Audio Accessories
  • Power and Carry Accessories
Motorola 2 Way Radio

Latest Digital Radios 2012

Motorola SL4000 Mototrbo Digital Radio 

“DIGITAL HAS NEVER LOOKED BETTER”  From the concierge desk to the convention,MOTOTRBO™ SL Series keeps you instantly connected and in control with an incredibly sleek and light radio for the ultimate in discreet communication. Versatile and powerful, the revolutionary MOTOTRBO portable combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. SL Series radios integrate voice and data seamlessly, offer enhanced

features that are easy to use, such as integrated Bluetooth®, covert mode, vibrate alert, Intelligent Audio plus Health & Safety features. Designed in a small form factor so sophisticated, it is like no other radio you have used.Hold it in your hand and feel how light it is, less than half the weight of a standard radio. It’s so effortless to carry, comfortable to wear and with a very modern, mobile phone styling.

Hytera X1e Digital Radio 

Hytera's smallest, high power digital handportable radio. Fully submersible and with GPS functionality. Complete with Li-Ion battery and dual slot charger. Easily concealed for covert work. Light to carry for conventional use and allows you to locate a radio user from GPS co-ordinates. The X1e will work with your existing older analogue radios, allowing gradual upgrade of your radios to digital. Health and Safety features are also built into the radio, e.g. Panic Button and Lone Worker alarms.

Latest Digital Radios 2012

Events with Onsite Communications Ltd

Latest Technology
We can supply the latest multi-channel professional mobile radio equipment, with useful features to help event organisers with their operations onsite, such as low battery meter and window display information which can be pre- programmed to show both channel and operator names.  

Wide Area Radio Systems
On events where direct "back to back" or radio to radio communications are not possible we are able to supply and install wide area unmanned booster stations or repeaters, which, when used in conjunction with a telescopic mast and aerial system will, considerably increase the overall range of the users operating channel. 

Interviews and Recording
We specialise in designing bespoke audio systems, which must satisfy the brief of both the sponsors interior designers and the events media officers. High quality Sennheiser microphones and the latest Bose Speaker equipment are used to ensure the optimum clarity is achieved when interviews are taking place. Special Transcript machines are also available to hire for Media recording applications.

Events with Onsite Communications Ltd

2 Way Radio Hire

As the first independent company to hire out radio communications in the U.K. we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on the differing needs of our customers.

The latest Motorola, Hytera and other manufacturers’ radio portables are now available for Short or Long Term Hire to compliment customers’ system upgrades. Short term Hire also enables customers to supplement their own equipment at peak operational times during the year.

A wide range of radios are available in VHF and UHF:

  • Submersible
  • I.S / Atex
  • Multi-channel with display
  • Heavy Duty
  • Selective Calling
  • Trunked
  • Licence exempt radios are also available
  • Full charging facilities supplied

(NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE now has Digital and Trunking Systems installed giving Full Site Coverage)

Contact us or Select our Quote Option via our website to receive a prompt response from our Hire Division.

2 Way Radio Hire

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