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Here at Radiometrix, we supply radio modules including the multi-channel TXL2 transmitter and RXL2 receiver modules, providing users with reliable, high performance, wireless communication and low power consumption. Unlike the raw FM radio module alternatives, our innovative modules take care of preamble, synchronisation, bit balancing, error checking, and noise squelching. 

Every radio module is assigned one of eight unique addresses so that multiple radio link networks are established.

CXT and CXR, Simplify Remote Control System Design

Our CXT and CXR, simplify remote control system design transmitter and receiver pairs provide full remote control switch functions. Our unrivaled CXT and CXR, simplify remote control system design is provided in a module format  to provide reliable, long range operation in situations where existing wide band solutions cannot provide suitable range, or where band congestion requires multiple channel operation.

CTA88 Remote Control Application Boards

Our CTA88 remote control application boards provide basic eight channel digital input/output implementations of remote control functions. Our CTA88 remote control application boards use the company’s multi-channel LMT/LMR (UHF and VHF band) or single frequency BiM (FM band) series of wireless radio modules to meet individual requirements.

TX3H, 869MHz Transmitter

We provide the TX3H, 869MHz transmitter as a FM transmitter module achieving a power output of 450mW at 869.5MHz. Our TX3H, 869MHz transmitter is fully pin-compatible with the company's well-known collection of SIL TX modules. Our TX3H is a fantastic option for designers of licence exempt wireless data applications. The module supports data rates up to 15kbits/s and has a potential range of 5km or more when paired with Radiometrix receivers.

TXL2 and RXL2, 433MHz Radio Modules

We supply TXL2 and RXL2, 433MHz radio modules with half duplex multi-channel OEM radio modems provided in our innovative SIL standard footprint. Our TXL2 and RXL2, 433MHz radio modules provide a choice of five user programmed channels. These are used to create transparent one-way radio data links to support data rates of 9600 bps over a line-of-sight range of 500 m (typical).

UHX1, 500mW Narrow Band VHF Transceiver

Our UHX1, 500mW narrow band VHF transceiver is suitable for use with our new 169.4-169.475MHz European band. It has been squeezed into a compact, low profile package, and will supply provide a reliable data link. Our UHX1, 500mW narrow band VHF transceiver is ideal for use in a variety of application areas such as vehicle and machine remote controls, environmental monitoring equipment and high-end security alarms.

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