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RAM Extrusion are plastic extrusions specialists supplying products to a variety of markets, including Weatherseals, EPDM Seals, Acoustic Seals, Door Products and Flooring Trims.

RAM Extrusion is a privately owned extrusion specialist based centrally in the UK, in Worcester at the heart of the motorway network. RAM was formed in 2003 bringing together over 30 years experience of research and development, design and production of many types of plastic extrusions.

Renowned for it’s innovative approach to plastic extrusion, RAM has become a leader in technical extrusions and finishing capabilities. RAM’s plastic extrusion manufacturing facility comprises of over 10,000 sq.ft. and includes 10 single screw extrusion lines with the capability of extruding flexibles, rigids, co-extruded and blown extrusions.

RAM’s products are used in a variety of industries including: 

  • Building and construction
  • Caravans
  • Partitioning
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Packaging
  • Shop fitting
  • Modular buildings
  • Gardening and fencing
  • Shuttering
  • Door and window sealing
  • Acoustics and intumescent products

to name but a few.


RAM Extrusion Ltd are specialists in design and manufacture of custom extrusions. RAM Extrusion has the skills, capability and production equipment to extrude a variety of custom extrusion products.

RAM can extrude a variety of material including: PVC (rigid, flexible and dual hardness), Polystyrene, TPE, Polypropylene, Woodex and many other extrusion materials to create custom products. RAM Extrusion has the production capacity to produce over 2,000 metric tonnes of custom plastic extrusions per annum.

Our innovative designer team has an extensive knowledge of the plastic extrusion process and working with engineering plastics. They design and supervise the manufacture of all RAM Extrusion tools, including those produced for custom extrusions. RAM use the latest CAD/CAM design software so we can offer our customers a fast response and a working partnership on all custom extrusion projects. We work with our customers from the initial component concept stage through to the design of production tooling.

RAM prides itself on having had a design input, varying from full product and profile design to an advisory role in over 90% of all profiles it has produced and are always looking to assist it’s customers to improve designs from a technical, asthetic or cost efficient point of view, there by ensuring that both RAM and it’s customers are continually improving the products they produce.

RAM Extrusion has a highly efficient production facility which is equipped with 9 single screw extrusion lines of various sizes. RAM also have the facilities to co-extrude, in-line punch, in-line and off-line hot stamp foiling, embossing, drilling and a state of the art profile wrapping system.


RAM Extrusion are specialists in plastic extrusions from a wide range of materials. Our product range currently covers the following core areas: Weatherseals, EPDM Seals, Acoustic Seals, Door Products and Flooring Trims. We also produce plastic extrusions through our custom extrusions service. We can also modify existing products within the range if required. We have the skill to produce the perfect extrusion for your needs.

If you would like to discuss your plastic extrusion requirements, please call 01905 427117 or email sales@ramextrusion.co.uk and one of our Technical Sales team will call you back.


Digisafe Finger Guard
According to RoSPA figures over 30,000 children are injured in the UK every year through finger entrapment in door hinges. Digisafe finger guard is a door hinge safety system that has been designed to prevent entrapment of fingers in the hinge gap of a door in the most demanding environments.

Digisafe Finger Guard is a flexible safety strip which prevents fingers being jammed on the hinge side of a door and the jamb on the hinged side. When fitted the gap is covered completely and it is suitable for domestic or commercial use.

Digisafe Finger Guard comes in two sizes to fit 105° and 180° door openings. If your premises fall within Health, Safety and Welfare regulations or you just want to protect the little fingers that may be at risk within your premises then Digisafe is probably the most durable and cost-effective solution on the market today.

Digisafe Finger Guard is manufactured from PVC Nitrile and after easy fitting requires no maintenance other than a wipe down with a damp cloth for cleaning.

Digisafe Finger Guard is easy to fit, no need for craftsmen, just peel off the backing strip, line up the components, press to fix in position then insert 1 screw every 20cm down length for added security then flip over cover strip for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Tripflex Acoustic Door Seal

RAM’s Tripflex double flipper acoustic seal has been designed for easy fit onto both the stop and jamb on an internal doorset. Its patented design, unlike any other corner acoustic seal on the market, allows the fitter to adhere to the stop and the jamb independently. This solves the problem of misalignment and consequently poor acoustic sealing of the door. This improved acoustic sealing when tested showed an unaided weighted sound reduction of dB39

Ramflex Acoustic Door Seal

RAM Extrusion’s Ramflex Acoustic Perimeter Seal – a triple flipper acoustic seal – has been designed to fit on either the stop or jamb in any internal doorset, but specifically to improve the sound reduction properties. This particular seal has been tested to show an unaided weighted sound reduction of dB36.

The Ramflex triple flipper acoustic seal is supplied fitted with a high performance self-adhesive tape and is available in various colours

RBF Seal

Our RBF Seal is a small, discrete acoustic seal with impressive sound reduction and draft exclusion properties. This seal is only 5mm wide and once fitted only three thin 4.3mm long blades are visible.RBF seal is recommended for use in single and double door applications and for use as a meeting stile seal.

Acoustic meeting Stile Seal

MSD double door acoustic seal is a double flipper meeting style seal that has been designed for use with either a plain or rebated double doorset, specifically to improve the aesthetics and acoustic properties. It has been tested to show an unaided weighted sound reduction of 35dB

EMDD Acoustic Seal

EMDD Acoustic Seal is a double flipper meeting style seal for plain or rebated double doorsets to improve sound reduction. From RAM Extrusion’s Acoustic Seals range. Read more...

RAM Audio Seal

RAM Audio Seal provides an effective barrier to seal perimeter gaps in high performance doorset assemblies. Part of RAM Extrusion’s Acoustic Seals range. Read more...


Flat based brush pile carrier from RAM Extrusion that can be supplied with or without self-adhesive. Pile carrier can be used in conjunction with 4.8mm base pile or with our tee slot TC and is available with or without brush fin pile.

Centre Leg Brush Pile Carrier

RAM’s centre leg brush pile carrier for mechanical fitting into slot and for use with 4.8mm base pile or with our tee slot TC and with or without brush fin pile. Read more...

Double Flipper Parting Bead

RAM’s double flipper parting bead is an excellent weathersealing solution and as a direct fit parting bead in an 8mm groove or with our 10×10 channel. Read more...

8mm Direct Fit Parting Bead

RAM’s 8mm Direct Fit Parting Bead provides a durable bead for use as a direct fit in an 8mm groove or with our 10×10 channel with and without a brush insert. Read more...

6mm Bubble Seal

RAM Extrusion’s 6mm Bubble Seal offers high resilience, low permanent set, soft feel but good resistance to abrasion and provides an excellent seal. Read more...

8mm Bubble Seal

RAM Extrusion’s 8mm Bubble seal offers high resilience, low permanent set, soft feel but good resistance to abrasion and provides an excellent seal. Read more...

MD Threshold Plate

Our MD Threshold Plate is laminated with a scratch and moisture resistant durable film in metallic and woodgrains finishes. From RAM Extrusion’s Door Products range. Read more...

EPDM E Seals

RAM’s EPDM E Seal offers a low closing force, high performance sealing solution for use in glazing or weatherseal joints and for a wide range of applications. Read more...

Weatherbar Seal

RAM Extrusion’s Weatherbar offers a built-in flexible flipper and will offer excellent long last protection due to it’s robust design. Read more...


RAM Extrusion’s Durasill synthetic sills are high performance door sills that do not rot, warp or distort. Our sills are strong, hard wearing, durable, are available in a variety of colours if required and most importantly they look excellent. Our customers know that the integrity of the material will not let them or their end user down. Durasill products have been specifically designed as a direct replacement for timber tread thresholds.

Durasill thresholds can be used during the fabrication of the doorset assembly or alternatively as a replacement for damaged or warped sills, which have deteriorated due to weathering or damage sustained by pedestrian traffic. Durasill material offers superior performance and low maintenance by comparison to high density timbers; Durasill is non-hygroscopic and will not absorb moisture. The life cycle of the product is therefore extended and eliminates the need for an impermeable barrier or membrane during installation. Durasill thresholds have a highly durable outer skin with a glassine finish which can be installed untreated or painted.

WOOD-EX (wood replacement plastic profiles)

Wood-ex is a new brand of wood replacement product that has the appearance of wood but with additional properties. It is a maintenance free product that can be painted or stained to enhance the appearance. Wood-ex can be supplied in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Wood-ex has an additional benefit over other wood replacement products on the market. It is available in a density/weight to suit your specific needs or requirements. Wood-ex can be manufactured in almost any shape you require which minimises the need for additional machining.

Wood-ex has the appearance of wood but with additional benefits and properties over other wood replacement products.

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