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Rapid's core range of thousands of electronic components includes a wide range of capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, semiconductors, integrated circuits, LEDs, transformers, relays & solenoids, sensors and switches, filters and suppression coils, frequency control products, inductors and chokes. Featured manufacturers include Kingbright, Microchip, Hammond, CamdenBoss, Assemtech, Molex, Fischer Elektronik, Cree, Arduino and Xytronic.


Rapid stocks an industry leading range of LEDs and optoelectronics - 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10 mm, miniature, power and rectangular LEDs, surface mount LEDs, displays, strips, indicators, clusters, photocouplers and a full range of accessories. We stock all the leading optoelectronic and brands including Kingbright LEDs, from whom we are able to offer any part from their range on short lead times.


A wide range of components and hardware to improve the performance or effective function of semiconductors and electronic circuits. Featuring heatsinks, LED and crystal mounts, extraction tools, thermal pads, transistor mounting components, heat transfer paste, heatsink compound, insulating bushes, silicone rubber mounting kits, spring mounting clips, transistor holders, LED spacer mounts, crystal mounting pads, diode mounts and thermally conductive heat resistant material for cooling and regulating circuits. Customers can also choose from a huge range of discrete semiconductors, including bridge rectifier diodes, Darlington transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, Diacs, rectifier diodes, schottky diodes, silicon controlled rectifiers, signal diodes, suppression diodes, thermionic valves, transistors, triacs, zener diodes and unijunction transistors.

Integrated Circuits

Huge range of integrated circuits, microcontrollers, prototyping boards and chips from all the leading electronics brands. Including arrays, switches, energy harvesting modules, line drivers and receivers, PIC microcontrollers, real time clocks, zilog micros, motor and power drivers, picaxe, sensors, voltage regulators, LED & display drivers, memory, operational amplifiers, power supply ICs, comparators and multiplexers. Brands include Arduino, ST, Atmel, Fairchild, Vishay, NXP, Holtek, RF Solutions and Microchip.


Passive Components

Passive components such as resistors, potentiometers and capacitors. From carbon film and metal film to black and white film, Rapid has all the resistors and potentiometers you require, in fixed or variable values. Also available are power resistors, low ohmic resistors, resistor arrays, control and preset potentiometers. Huge range of high quality electrolytic capacitors - axial, radial and solid aluminum electrolytic - and non-electrolytic capacitors: ceramic, motor run, polystyrene, variable, memory back up, polyester, suppression, mica, polypropylene and tantalum capacitors. Brands of capacitors include Sanyo, NIC, Vishay, BCE-Sud, Panasonic, TruCap, Ducati, Wima, Konek, Arcotronics and Murata.

Cables & Connectors

Rapid Electronics will help you make all the right connections. We have a huge range of connectors for domestic and industrial use. Audio and video connectors include SVHS connectors, jack connectors and DIN connectors. Also phono, loudspeaker and XLR connectors. Mains connectors including touchproof and weatherproof connectors, DC power connectors and C6 and C14 connectors. Full range of multipole connectors including IDC, D connectors, HDMI connectors and leads, DIL sockets, SIL sockets and IEEE-488 connectors. Single pole, coaxial and terminal blocks.

We offer a complete range of cable products and cable accessories for communications, networking and computer applications. Broswe our wide choice of printer cables, telephone, audio, video and RF solutions, as well as firewire leads and connectors, USB cables, Cat5e cables, ethernet and all other peripheral connection cables. Monitor cables including DVI, RGB and SVGA monitor cables, ethernet cables and all networking cables and accessories.


Rapid Electronics stock all types of batteries - alkaline, lithium ion, silver oxide, nickel hydride, zinc carbon and lead acid. Top brand names including Duracell, GP, Yuasa, Procell, Varta and Uniross. Also a wide range of battery chargers, battery clips and holders. Batteries for all applications including laptop batteries, phone batteries, and camcorder batteries. All sizes of battery available, AAA, AA, C, D, and PP3, together with coin cells and rechargeable batteries.

Electrical, Test and Production equipment

Extensive range of electrical accessories, test equipment, PCB accessories, electrical enclosures and cases, switches and sensors. Products include copper clad boards, etching tanks and accessories, prototyping boards, ABS enclosures, oscilloscopes and multimeters.

Soldering equipment

Rapid Electronics is a specialist supplier of soldering equipment from Weller, Antex and Warton Metals: soldering stations, mains and gas-powered soldering irons, solder, flux and fume extraction solutions. Test equipment for industry and electrical contractors - digital and analogue multimeters, oscilloscopes, thermometers, testers, function generators and data loggers. PCB equipment and accessories, including copper clad boards, etching tanks, instruments and materials and prototyping boards. Wide range of cases and enclosures for electrical applications, including ABS boxes, instrument cases, metal cases and potting compounds.

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