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We provide a trusted and transparent partnership for businesses, charities, and local government.

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Our business has grown rapidly over the past few months, in part due to our honest and transparent approach, alongside our customer service. At a time when we’ve formed new relationships to enable the supply of vital PPE and hygiene products, we’ve continued to work with our values and provide the best service possible to enable our clients to work in a safe environment.

Why we exist?

Our business has been created to provide trusted products for our customers, so they can focus on what is important to them, being brilliantPutting customer service and reliability at the heart of our business means we fill the gaps missed by other companies, who weren’t able to give the personal attention and partnership approach. 

Our vision

To set the standards for trust and integrity between customers and businesses in the U.K

Our mission

Rapid Fire Supplies leads the way to end all poor customer experiences with online purchases, providing fully transparent supply chains, reducing risk in the work place and maximising long term sustainability.

Our core values

Rapid Fire Supplies core values are forged by our commitment to the highest ethical standards and drive our priorities, commitments and organisational decisions. Our reputation is the ultimate asset, and these core values guide our behaviours, judgments and how we accomplish our mission:


We assure and maintain transparency in our relationships with each other and throughout our supply chain.

Consumer focus

We seek to understand, learn from and meet the needs of customers.


We keep our commitments and make measurable progress to achieve our mission.



  1. Government delivers 250,000 clear face masks to support people with hearing loss
    7 September 2020

    Rapid Fire Supplies have been importing the ClearMask for customers in the UK since COVID-19. We are delighted that they are now approved for NHS and social care settings.

    There has certainly been a gap in suitable mask solutions for the hearing loss communities. The announcement from the UK Government on the 5th September will be welcome news. Timescales on the actual delivery are vague with a ”few weeks” being quoted. The 250,000 masks are to help the estimated 12 million people in the UK thought to having hearing loss.

    The masks will also help those who rely on facial expressions to support communication. For example, people with learning disabilities, autism or dementia, or foreign language speakers and their interpreters.

    UK Gov 5th Sept

    Our lead time is 21 days from order to delivery or sooner.

    You can find out more about the product, it’s usage and FAQ’s on our website. Furthermore we have videos, including ”how to put on a mask” or contact us on 03330 150 330.

    The ClearMask approved for NHS and social care settings.

    Government delivers 250,000 clear face masks to support people with hearing loss
  2. Planning for PPE
    3 September 2020

    Rapid Fire Supplies, Trusted supplier to Charities, Local Councils and Businesses.

    It was reported this week that Essex County Council (ECC) is setting up a dedicated team to purchase PPE and oversee the logistics required to provide PPE to services until March 2022. ECC forecasts that the need for PPE will increase as services reopen and is one of many councils facing the challenge of getting services up and running safely. 

    Planning for PPE
  3. Hand Sanitiser Know How
    3 September 2020

    Check out our latest Blog - Hand sanitiser use has become part of the everyday normal due to the coronavirus, now used regularly in the home and workplace. But when is it ok and not ok to use? As hand cleanliness is one of the most important hygiene practices and preventative measures for containing coronavirus, it’s important to know.  

    Hand Sanitiser Know How
  4. Check if you or your customers have coronavirus symptoms
    3 September 2020

    It’s vital for businesses and services to prepare for visitors or employees who show symptoms of COVID-19.

    How do you protect them? what do you need?

    According to the latest government information, if you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), get a test as soon as possible. Stay at home until you get the result.

    Check out our blog on the latest advice for businesses who are open to the public or own large workforces. 

    Check if you or your customers have coronavirus symptoms
  5. Rapid Fire Supplies **New Website**
    21 August 2020

    Rapid Fire logistics are delighted to launch our dedicated website Rapid Fire Supplies. After months of successfully supplying vital PPE and hygiene products to councils, charities and businesses, we have decided to make it even easier for our customers to see our new products and order quickly. Not all new companies selling PPE and hygiene are in it for a quick buck! Check out our products and prices or call us on 03330 150 330 to find out more. 


  6. PPE Solutions
    11 July 2020

    In an environment with so many options for PPE Suppliers in the UK, we pride ourselves in sourcing and working with trusted partnerships. This gives you, the customer, not only the best price, but also the comfort in knowing you are working with proven partners, who have your best interest, customer service
    and product quality at heart.


    Download our Brochure

    PPE Solutions
  7. PDI Sani-Cloth 70%IPA Wipes 200 per tube £8.50
    11 July 2020

    PDI Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes - Tub of 200

    Sani-Cloth 70 are pre-dosed disinfectant (70% Isopropyl Alcohol) wipes providing effective infection control. Sani-Cloths can be used for disinfection of non-invasive medical devices, and to decontaminate a device prior to sterilisation/high level disinfection. In addition, the canister’s deep well is designed to help avoid cross contamination.

    • Pre-dosed disinfectant wipe providing effective infection control
    • Mechanical action aids the removal of soil
    • Deep well lid to avoid cross-contamination
    • Controlled dosage ensures disinfection for every use
    • Reduce wastage and risk of errors
    • Extracted liquid proven effective against tested organisms
    • No mixing, no measuring, saves valuable time and storage space
    • Slim line canister aids dispensing

    Call us on +44 (0) 3330150330 or email sales@rapidfirelogistics.com for more information. 

    PDI Sani-Cloth 70%IPA Wipes 200 per tube £8.50
  8. Hand Sanitiser 70% IPA 250ml £2.65
    11 July 2020

    Hand Sanitiser 70% IPA 250ml 

    It is easy to use and dries quickly after rubbing for at least 15 seconds

    Provides a better skin tolerance and microbial killing strength when
    compared to antiseptic soaps

    It is a viable alternative to hand washing with soap especially where
    there is no water or use of water may not be appropriate

    Call us on +44 (0) 3330150330 or email sales@rapidfirelogistics.com for more information. 

    Hand Sanitiser 70% IPA 250ml £2.65
  9. 70% IPA Hand Sanitiser 500ml for £4.99 PER BOTTLE
    11 July 2020

    Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol 500ml

    It is easy to use and dries quickly after rubbing for at least 15 seconds

    Provides a better skin tolerance and microbial killing strength when
    compared to antiseptic soaps

    It is a viable alternative to hand washing with soap especially where
    there is no water or use of water may not be appropriate

    Call us on +44 (0) 3330150330 or email sales@rapidfirelogistics.com for more information. 

    70% IPA Hand Sanitiser 500ml for £4.99 PER BOTTLE
  10. Nitrile Gloves available
    11 July 2020

    We have boxes Nitrile Gloves available for purchase as part of our ongoing solutions - Latex free, odour free and powder free Panodyne disposable gloves are available in XS - XL sizes. 

    We are new and have a totally contemporary way of doing business, after all the world has changed a lot in the past few months, and whilst our competitors are playing catch up, we have been ahead of the curve.  

    We’re in the unique position, having opened the business in the first quarter of 2020, to have systems in place to work remotely and deliver a seamless experience for our customers. We don’t have burdensome legacy systems - we are agile - we have a super-efficient team - we are negotiating new contracts and not tied to existing terms of relationships.

    Call us on +44 (0) 3330150330 or email sales@rapidfirelogistics.com for more information. 

    Nitrile Gloves available
  11. COVID-19 Checklist - Logsitics
    2 April 2020

    COVID-19 Checklist

    March 25, 2020 by admin

    We understand the COVID-19 virus is very serious and is impacting, family, friends and businesses all over the world.

    Our purpose in business is to help businesses with whatever support we can. Our specialist skills are in logistics, whether it’s Courier or Freight Parcels, we have over 40 years of experience in operations management. We also invested in some great technology to make it simple and hassle free for our customers, using our client portal.

    As a result, we have put together a checklist to help you act now and continue to provide your services or adjust your business model so that you can continue to trade.


    These helpful tips are not an exhaustive list but should give some simple pointers to those caught up in the disruption.

    • In-flight delivery options to give customers control of delivery, make sure you switch this on ASAP.
    • It’s now common practice to have a safe place option, change your policies and processes if you haven’t implemented this simple safeguard.
    • In many carriers booking systems special instructions can be written, use this whenever possible i.e. post through letter box – let your customers have this option.
    • For larger parcels you can use the same process, i.e. leave by door or in garden.
    • Furthermore, you can ask them to leave signs / notices outside for the drivers.
    • Most Carriers now have customer apps, these are great for updating personal preferences. Encourage your customers to download these whenever possible, updating the carriers helps provide the best possible outcome.
    • Do you have a single point of failure in your supply chain? Risk assess ”what happens if your carrier cannot collect? What’s your contingency plan?
    • You can request that your current provider adheres to your hygiene practises when they visit onsite to protect your team
    • Check your carriers safe systems of works regarding drivers and the use of hand gels/sanitisers prior to delivery
    • Ensure that couriers have been briefed to leave a parcel without a signature, if agreed with the customer
    • Offer a nominated day or time slot option (eg AM) to increase greater chance of first- time delivery success
    • Offer upgrades to Sameday or dedicated services – A-B service reducing the risk of contamination

    Our services

    At Rapid Fire Logistics, we take the hassle out of delivery services freeing up valuable time and resources for our customers. If you are spending too much time dealing with logistics you can always join our free account service.

    We would love to take care of all detail for you, so you can focus on managing your business!

    Schedule a call

    COVID-19 Checklist - Logsitics
  12. FAQs Courier Services
    2 April 2020


    How to Book a Job?

    You can use our simple online quote for Sameday, sign up for an free account, or email us sales@rapidfirelogistics.com, or simply call us on 03330 150 330, we would love to speak to you.

    How do I sign up for an account?

    Click Here and enter your details, or you can call us on 03330 150 330

    How do I reset my password?

    Click here and put in your username in the Subject bar with Forgot Password.

    How do courier services work?

    This is a common question, so we have created a blog including 2 minute video - Click here.

    How are courier services are used?

    Courier services provide a secure delivery, usually from one point to another with minimal handling. This is different to Parcel Carriers who use large hubs to consolidate parcels and redistribute them across a hub and spoke network.

    How does courier tracking work?

    Our customers can always keep track of their shipments via the tracking page here. In general, GPS tracking in the driver device is tracked to see where the item is. There are other forms of tracking, RFID, Event notification such as Barcode Scanning (Collection, Delivery etc...). Customers can choose to receive notification vis SMS or email from their Client Portal.

    How do I save my regular collection and/or delivery address in my online account?

    Your account automatically saves your home address and the quick lookup function will show previously typed addresses when you start typing. You can also change your home address and/or preferred delivery address, if you have any trouble just let us know as we would be glad to help.

    How do I know my package will be safe?

    We carefully select our partners only after they have gone through out vetting procedures, therefore, we only use approved companies to move your goods. We also use GPS tracking throughout the journey so we are able to identify any issues in real time. If you have a high value item we can discuss enhanced security options.

    How can I pay for a Courier if I don't have an account?

    We can take payments online through our quick quote system with payment at checkout, or you can call us on 03330 150 330.

    Are my goods insured?

    We only use couriers who have verified ''Goods in Transit'' insurance therefore goods are insured. For high value goods you should contact us to discuss enhance options.

    Is there a size limit to my consignment?

    Within reason there is no limitation, please see our dimension guide here or you call us and we can select the right vehicle for your needs.

    What is meant by Courier Service?

    “A Courier company is one which delivers messages, packages and mail and is known for their speed, security, tracking service and specialisation.” A courier service was developed to offer a faster and more secure alternative to the usual mail service that had been the only delivery service for so long. (source)

    How much does a courier service cost?

    Couriers usually have a minimum start price plus pence per mile travelled with goods on board.
    This is example: A-B delivery - Small Van £15 minimum plus 90p per mile.
    Not representative of actual pence per mile
    Journey from Bristol to London would cost approximately £121.2 total plus VAT. This is Gross costs with expensives to be deducted for all the running costs, technology and business costs.

    How do I courier an item?

    You can use our Quick Quote System or sign up to a free account here. If you want to use a parcel Carrier you will need to measure your items within the demenisons available for pricing, click here for a quick guide.

    How do I get a courier to pick up a parcel?

    If you are a free account holder, then all you need to do is book online - simple & hassle free.

    In general, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Get a quote from a parcel carrier
    2. Register during the check out
    3. confirm payment
    4. place your order before the final cut off time (varies by parcel carrier and location)
    5. Print off label
    6. Courier will collect at the given time

    Note. Some carriers require minimum volumes and/or spend to make a collection, therefore speak to us about setting up a collection in your area.

    Do you perform collections and drop off to a national carrier?

    Yes - we have a range of services including cost effective collections (First Mile) for your company, call now for a free quote on 03330 150 3330 or schedule a meeting here.

    Our Services - Courier, Freight & Parcels

    We offer a range of services to take the hassle out of professional Courier and Freight requirements. Our customers benefit from a one stop shop with the client portal, booking Courier, Freight or Parcels from a single point. Only a single invoice, a single supplier of logistics and all our know-how at your fingertips. Call now on 03330 150 330 or contact us here.

    FAQs Courier Services
  13. Supply Chain Disruption COVID-19
    2 April 2020

    Visit us now for more information on our services

    Is COVID-19 causing you to have concerns over driver availability or Supply chain disruption? Do you only have one or two partners who you rely on for courier services? We are here to provide a hassle free option to wider your Same-Day Courier network and Freight solutions.

    Same-Day Courier

    Using multiple companies is a great way to reduce your single point failure. At Rapid Fire Logistics (see terms) we use over 45,000 independent couriers. Meaning we have reduced the risk of fleets being unavailable significantly due to supply chain issues, such as COVID-19.

    Risk Assessment

    It’s important to understand your whole end to end supply chain risk. It may not always seem connected, but it’s often a supplier within the chain that stops the lot. We recommend a quick risk analyse upstream and downstream.

    Watch out for Gov / NHS advice

    Keep up with Government advice

    We are seeing major containment policy in some countries, its likely to continue until there is a vaccine. Now is the time to diversity your supply chain connections, think global risk, which lanes / countries are likely to have changes in export /import restrictions. The government will continue to keep business updated here

    Supply Chain Disruption COVID-19

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