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Trusted Suppliers of Hygiene Products, Workplace Safety Equipment and Facilities Management

We provide a trusted and transparent partnership for businesses, charities, and local government.

Our Categories 

Our business has grown rapidly over the past few months, in part due to our honest and transparent approach, alongside our customer service. At a time when we’ve formed new relationships to enable the supply of vital PPE and hygiene products, we’ve continued to work with our values and provide the best service possible to enable our clients to work in a safe environment.

Why we exist?

Our business has been created to provide trusted products for our customers, so they can focus on what is important to them, being brilliantPutting customer service and reliability at the heart of our business means we fill the gaps missed by other companies, who weren’t able to give the personal attention and partnership approach. 

Our vision

To set the standards for trust and integrity between customers and businesses in the U.K

Our mission

Rapid Fire Supplies leads the way to end all poor customer experiences with online purchases, providing fully transparent supply chains, reducing risk in the work place and maximising long term sustainability.

Our core values

Rapid Fire Supplies core values are forged by our commitment to the highest ethical standards and drive our priorities, commitments and organisational decisions. Our reputation is the ultimate asset, and these core values guide our behaviours, judgments and how we accomplish our mission:


We assure and maintain transparency in our relationships with each other and throughout our supply chain.

Consumer focus

We seek to understand, learn from and meet the needs of customers.


We keep our commitments and make measurable progress to achieve our mission.



Personal Protective Equipment

We have a wide variety of face masks and respirators available including 3PLY reusable, Type IIR, FFP2 and FFP3, Disposable Gloves, Protective Shields, in other words we have what you need!

For example - The Clear Mask - 

The ClearMaskTM is designed to block the transfer of aerosols, fluids, and sprays using an anti-fogging plastic barrier.

This product is selling fast, delivery lead times for back-orders 5 – 10 days.

The ClearMask is designed to block the transfer of aerosols, fluids, and sprays using an anti-fogging plastic barrier. There is no airflow through the impervious plastic barrier; therefore bacterial filtration efficiency, particle filtration efficiency, and differential pressure tests are not applicable. The ClearMaskTM meets the applicable standards for fluid resistance (ASTM F1862: 160 mmHg) and flammability.

This product has been approved for use by the UK Government for NHS and social care workers.


Personal Protective Equipment

Hygiene Products

Our hygiene products are sourced from the UK’s leading manufacturers, for instance Universal wipes are used in 94% of hospitals in the U.K. Furthermore, we have a range of antibacterial and disinfectant products perfect for cateringcleaning and social care environments.

For example - Panodyne Hand Sanitiser, 500ml. Case of 24 

Kills more than 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. Easy to use and dries quickly. Just rub into the hands for at least 15 seconds or until dry. Provides better skin tolerance and microbial killing strength when compared to antiseptic soap. A viable alternative to hand washing, especially where there is no water or use of water may not be appropriate.

or anothjer example is Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes, pack of 70. Case of 12 

Antibacterial Wipes – These alcohol-free wet wipes ideal for hands, surfaces and everyday objects. They will kill 99.99% of the most common germs, with fast acting antimicrobial properties.

Without the need for soap and water, these wipes are great for people on-the-go and mobile workers such as delivery drivers, hairdressers, home assistants etc.

• Super-soft, strong and absorbent hand and surface wipes
• 70 wipes per pack
• Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria
• Alcohol free
• Paraben free
• Case of 12

We also have other products such as Floor Cleaner, Hand Soap, Disinfectant Sprays, Wipes, Paper and many more products for catering, social and office environments. 

See more at www.rapidfiresupplies.co.uk 

Hygiene Products


Our carefully selected solutions provide safer workplaces. For instance, sanitiser and foam dispensers, wall mounted dispenser, free standing dispenser, automatic dispenser, thermometers and a range of screens available upon request.

For example: Office Desk Screen 600mm (W) x 800mm (H) – Free Standing Metal Feet

The Rapid Fire Supplies Office Desk Screen (Double Desk Clamp) solution comprises:

  • A single 600mm (W) x 800mm (H) perspex screen
  • Two Double Desk Clamps for easy installation

To discuss your office desk requirements and for a tailored quote, please contact our Customer Service team on 03330 150 330 or cs@rapidfiresupplies.co.uk


or Panodyne Infrared Thermometer Gun, per unit.

Infrared Thermometer Gun is perfect for non contact safety measures.

  • Accurate temperature measurement probe (High measurement accuracy with small error)
  • Large-screen display with clear visibility under any light (Clear and soft display easy to read any data).
  • Non-Contact Digital LCD infrared thermometer, safer and more convenient.
  • This body thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, infants and elders.
  • One-touch measurement button
  • Longevity is guaranteed up to 40,000 takings

Clinell Universal Range

We are an official distributor of Gama Healthcare.  We can provide our customers with a full range of Clinell Universal products, as used by the NHS.

Universal Wipes, 100 pack. Case of 12 or Universal Spray 99.9%,500ml.Case of 12

Clean and disinfect in a single step. Kills at least 99.999% of pathogens. Effective from 10 seconds.

The UK’s most trusted single-step detergent and disinfectant; ideal for use on both surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. Our patented near-neutral pH formula ensures exceptional material compatibility and is proven to kill at least 99.999% of pathogens after 10 seconds, norovirus within one minute and reduce instances of MRSA by 55%.


See our full range at 

Clinell Universal Range

Freight Forwarding

We partner with our customers and always look to optimise the features of our services

By using our freight forwarding services, you gain access to a variety of delivery solutions. We want to make your freight forwarding solution hassle-free, so we’ve carefully selected a variety of useful services for you to choose between.

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After many years of experience in the industry, we have seen many frustrated customers losing valuable time and using more resources on Logistics, when it would be better spent on their business and not getting bogged down in the detail of Logistics.

We believe freight forwarder services should be simple and hassle-free for our customers. But we do know it’s complicated and time consuming, that’s why we believe our expertise will make a significant difference to your company. For instance, checking supplier invoices, paperwork and live delivery management can be very time consuming.

Above all, customers come first and are treated as an extension of our family businesss. We approach our relationships in line with our company values, which are based on Trust, Honesty & Support.

Craig Eddy


Our Solutions


Whether it’s groupage, part-load or full loads that need delivering, we provide services throughout the UK, Europe or RoW.
Our partners have spare capacity on a regular basis. Whether it’s scheduled or ad-hoc, we can make our service the most efficient for your needs.

Freight Forwarder

We use our vast network of over 5,000 partners to offer you the service you need, when you
need it, hassle-free. Our dynamic freight delivery model – using only quality-assured independent carriers – means you benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility and on-time deliveries.

Our expertise in logistics management and planning allows us to select a solution that meets your needs.


Through our UK network of partners and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to monitor
and dynamically react to situations such as adverse weather, in-flight change requests, or
traffic congestion, ensuring that your goods are always travelling the most optimised route.

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Our services – Freight locally stored and globally delivered

A diverse range of transportation services, selecting only the best available options from our supplier partners across the UK & Internationally.

Access our client portal for the best booking experience!

Sea Freight Containers

The best shipping options are fully accessible via our client portal. You have complete control over the options, or on the other hand, you can simply leave it to us using the managed service option. We will ensure your cargo reaches its planned destination on time. Our network of sea freight carriers covers major carrier alliances to every major container port in the world, allowing you to export or import reliability.

Air Freight

Rapid Fire Logistics carefully select partners who can operate on all the world’s major routes. As a result, you can plan with certainty and deliver better results for your customers. Our air freight offer is highly flexible, with door-to-door as standard and with airport-to-airport, door-to-airport and airport-to-door options also available.

Courier Services

Sameday Courier

Rapid Fire Logistics understands that the Sameday Courier Service, is regarded as the 5th emergency service in the eyes of our customers. That’s why we will always give you the urgency you need, regardless of day, time or Location, we will be there supporting you throughout your journey.

We understand the challenges facing businesses when service levels drop or suppliers are unresponsive to urgent requests.

Sameday Couriers

Our expertise in urgent Sameday Courier services ensures that your goods are always in safe hands. Furthermore, Our values define our working practices and we hold ourselves account for your success as a business. We passionately believe we can help you grow by using our services that deliver on reliability, provide innovation and the latest technology.

We understand your pain points

Business owners, senior management and managers alike are always up against time, we live in a fast paced world, there is no room for error as competition is fierce.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s frustrating that I cannot always rely on the courier companies – sometimes they deliver late, products are damaged, or they are lost.

Every time something is late or lost – I worry about the damage to my brand reputation and losing clients. Blaming the couriers doesn’t wash!

It feels like I have to flex and adapt my business around the couriers. I wish it could be the
other way around. They have NO interest in understanding my needs or my business. Maybe
it’s because I am too small and don’t matter as much as the big companies.

Currently, we have to drop off our products to the collection centre which, means we have to pay drivers or rely on staff, taking them away from other activities.

Why choose us?

Our customers often have similar problems when trying to find a solution in logistics. For example, some use a number of different couriers for the different elements of their business, inbound services for the raw materials and outbound for deliveries. However, this takes up considerable time managing and chasing the various companies. If you have a great provider but need to reduce admin and free up time to focus on your business, no problem, you’re half way there, and we can help with our managed service!

Above all, our technology allows our customers to manage everything from a single point, booking, tracking and invoice management, which simplifies the process and reduces a significant amount of time. As many logins as you need, only one account and invoice, even allow your customers to book a deliver slot.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from some of the common problems list above or have other issues then we have a vast range of solutions to offer, no hassle, simply book and we do the rest.

Sameday Courier Solutions

We have access to over 45,000 local drivers, as a result, we are able to collect from the majority of UK addresses within 30 minutes of the order being placed.

Any vehicle type – you select at booking

Sameday Courier Capability

Our Sameday Secure service is tailored to sensitive data and deliveries, where security is the number one priority. If you need an addressee-only signature plus real-time tracking, simply select this option when you book. Although, in light of recent events and COVID-19, we also offer a completely contactless secure option.

  • A-B delivery – completely secure no depots or complex hub networks
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Range of vehicles available see at quote stage
  • All goods insured
  • All vehicles GPS tracked, notification and in flight change availability
  • Any size, anywhere in the UK (International available upon request)
  • Optimised routing to improve on-time performance
  • Electronic proof of delivery obtained as standard
  • Electric Vehicle solution available to contract customers

What are couriers used for?

We have an extensive FAQ to help our customers covering the most common questions aksed. Likewise, our blogs cover courier and logistics in more detail if you have more time on your hands. We also have a range of fun and informative videos for all things courier related, we know this is poplular with our clients.

If you are wondering what you can use a courier for, then the answer is almost anything (subject to restrictions), Small Van, Transit, Long Wheel Based or Luton vehicle types(see our guide)mean you can transport most things. On the other hand anything that wouldn’t fit you can use our Freight services, in short, we’ve got you covered!

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it provides some examples of why people use courier services.

  • courier for large items
  • courier for furniture
  • courier for heavy items
  • courier for long items
  • courier for car parts
  • courier for ebay
  • courier for fragile items
  • courier for tyres
  • courier for high value* items
  • courier for lithium batteries* uk
  • courier for wheels and tyres
  • courier for laptop*

For more information about our Sectors you can visit our page here, on the other hand, you can simply pick up the phone can call us.

contact us now 03330 150 3330 or email at sales@rapidfirelogistics.com

Courier Services

Green Logistics Solutions

Our green logistics solutions reduce CO2e impact by partnering with couriers who would have otherwise carried out a return journey with an empty vehicle. We will use this space – always safe and secure – before reaching out to other service providers who would need to make a dedicated trip.

The CO2e Challenges

15,200,000,000 Tonnes of road freight moved in 2016

90,000,000 MtCO2e were released into the environment

Road to Zero-Carbon

The UK is legally bound by the Climate Change Act 2008 to reduce emissions by at least 100% of 1990 levels by 2050

Surface transport is the largest-emitting sector in the UK, accounting for 23% of UK emissions.

Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics (CILT) source

Local Policy – Clean Air Zones (CAZ)

CAZs are set to become more widespread across the UK, with five cities having been mandated by the UK Government to
establish them

Furthermore, 28 LAs have been told to draw up plans to tackle NO2 levels and a further 33 to carry out feasibility studies on whether a CAZ is needed


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Clean Air Zones (CAZ)

Things to consider

What is your strategy?

Courier supply

As the regulation increases, such as ULEZ and CAZ so will the costs to non compliant courier companies. The many 000’s who are the lowest earners are likely to be priced out of the market as surcharges become greater to access urban areas. This could drive up costs in the current models.

Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is already helping many business sectors with optimisation. Logistics is no different with opportunities in autonomous vehicles, operations and agile supply chain solutions.

Electric Vehicles infrastructure

We recommend purchasing vehicles with rapid charge connectors, this allows for charging within 60 minutes to 80%. There were 6,212 rapid charge points in the 2019 in the UK, with CHAdeMO having 2,549 which are compatible for the eNV-200 combi, used most noticeably by DPD.

UK EV Charge Points

Freight Solutions

If you need to move pallets or containers of your cargo then you’ll need to think about the impact of climate change regulations. A good why to reduce your impact is to use spare capacity of haulage companies, this is great for your CSR strategies and potentially fixed cost reductions. We can help you select the right solution to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Government Grants

You can get a discount on the price of brand new low-emission vehicles through a grant the government gives to vehicle dealerships and manufacturers – The maximum grant available for vans is £8,000.

Clean Air Solutions

Electric Vehicles

The current infrastructure is improving with rapid charge points now across the country in many areas. The efficiency continues to be a problem with realistic ranges of between 80-130 miles most likely. This makes most solutions only viable for final mile multi stop.

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Rapid Fire Logistics Strategic partnerships

Our dedicated staff have over 40 years experience in Logistics, working with some of the largest companies in the UK (Royal Mail Group, CitySprint, Transworld, DHL, UPS etc…). We partner you and really understand your business risks, unique selling points and values, so you get the right solution to help you grow.

Strategic expertise

  • Courier Supply modelling preparing you for the future
  • Technology solutions for your business to help reduce courier and freight costs
  • Green Logistics Solutions including the eNV-200 combi
  • Storage & Warehousing solutions
  • Supply Chain risk analysis
  • Operations Optimisation

Let’s work together and make our country greener!

We offer a trusted partnership that will enable us to truly understand your business. Our experts will risk assess your current methods and where appropriate we will provide a carefully thought out solution to help you grow.

Green Logistics Solutions

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