Rapid Welding and Industrial Supplies Ltd


We proudly stock a wide range of arc welding tools and accessories. Our arc welding line of products includes:

  • helmets
  • arc welders
  • arc accessories
  • earth clamps
  • electrode holders
  • rod ovens
  • exothermic cutting tools
  • chemical aids
  • welding cable

Mig Welding

Our mig welding products will meet all your needs. Please visit us for a range of mig welding tools and accessories including:

  • helmets
  • site wire feeders
  • ceramic back tiles
  • chemical aids
  • mig regulators
  • mig welders
  • mig filler wire
Mig Welding

Tig Welding

We are the source to support your tig welding operations. Our supply of tig welding tools and accessories includes:

  • helmets
  • cold wire feeders
  • gas purging tools
  • machine remotes
  • tig welders
  • tig filler wire
  • tig torches
  • tungsten electrodes
Tig Welding

Plasma Cutting Tools

Visit us today to ensure your plasma cutting tools are ready and available for your needs. We supply:

  • rapid plasma boy
  • air compressors
  • plasma cutters
  • plasma torches
  • plasmacam
  • plasma torch consumables
Plasma Cutting Tools

Welding Safety Equipment

We have a safety department dedicated to seeing your welders and staff are protected. Please visit us for some of the lastet welding safety equipment, including:

  • helmets
  • 3M air powered helmets
  • workwear
  • goggles
  • welding blankets
  • visors
  • disposable masks
Welding Safety Equipment

Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies

For more than 24 years, Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies has been supplying the welding industry in the UK and abroad, and is constantly striving to bring new, innovative products to the marketplace. In April 1990, Brothers Roy Edwards, an Aircraft Approved Welder, and Rob Edwards, a Ministry Approved Senior Design Engineer, pooled skills and knowledge to create a company now recognised as one of the largest independent Welding Suppliers in Europe.

Our company employs a vision:

  • Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies is a recognised, respected and competitive industry supplier everywhere it does business.
  • Our business model allows us to be willing and able to adapt to change.
  • Our products, delivery, and after-care service allows our customers to achieve.
  • Our performance is constantly monitored by the experience of our customers.
  • Rapid brings innovation to the world of welding and welding distribution.
  • Rapid provides an unswerving commitment to service, quality, and above all, customer satisfaction.
Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies