Raque Food Systems Sales Ltd


Since 1975 Raque Food Systems Sales Ltd have specialised in the supply of industrial food machinery. Their range of industrial food machinery includes:

  • Ready Meal Systems
  • Sealing Systems
  • Filling Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Pizza Topping Equipment
  • Pie Production Systems and many more

They have years of experience in the packaging and food equipment industry which allows them to develop and manufacture any type of industrial food machinery.

Sealing Systems

Raque Food Systems Sales Ltd offers a range of sealing systems. Their sealing systems can close any type of rigid food containers, plastic, paperboard and aluminium packages. From low production volume intermittent motion machines to 300 per minute high speed continious motion machines.

Their range of sealing systems includes;

  • Drum Heat Seal Machines
  • Platen Sealing systems
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems
  • Foil Closures

Pizza Production Systems

Raque Food Systems has a range of pizza production systems. Their systems can handle every aspect of pizza production including; receiving and orienting random shells, depositing sauces, depositing cheeses, meats and vegetables and collating and positioning shells for delivery to other machinery. Their pizza production systems produce 'finger friendly' pizzas without toppings on the outside edge.

Their pizza production systems can be supplied with a wide range of accessories such as sell dispensers, handwork conveyors, dry spice applicators and many more.

Systems Integration

Raque Food System Sales Ltd has a range of products that are capable of systems integration. Their machines can be manufactured to fit and compliment any third party machines.

They can manufacture travelling carriages, pasta depositors, robots, cheese shedders, checkweighters and many more machines to individual specifications. Their bespoke manufacturing allows for easy systems integration.

Material Handling Systems

Raque Food Systems Sales Ltd has a comprehensive selection of material handling systems. They can provide machinery to load product hoppers and prepare materials for robotic manipulation.

Their range of manual handling systems includes conveying systems, lane converging and diverging systems.

Ready Meal Systems

Raque Food Systems Sales Ltd can provide complete ready meal systems to individual customer specifications. Their range of ready meal systems includes:

  • Filling Systems
  • Sealing Systems
  • Material Handling Systems

They can also produce systems to be integrated into existing third party ready meal systems. This allows their customers to achieve a complete ready meal system without having to replace the whole production line.

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