Rateable Value Ltd

Rateablevalue.co.uk has been set up specifically to help property owners or lessees to mitigate their liability to Empty Property Rates.  We provide an 'off the peg tenant' service to entitle the current ratepayer to qualify for a further rates void period.  Business rates place an increasing burden on all sectors of industry but empty rates can be particularly harmful to the commercial property sector.  This form of business rates is avoidable in part, if the correct steps are taken.  Cost control is vital for all businesses trying to ride out this recession.  Rateablevalue.co.uk can offer savings of up to 66% on vacant industrial property and 55% on empty retail or office premises.  We work on a no saving - no fee basis.  Simply enter your details and your empty property details through the enquiry page of our web site at http://www.rateablevalue.co.uk/enquiries.php 

Rateable Value Ltd Overview