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Mobile weighing systems are scales integrated into different types of trucks including, hand pallet trucks, stackers, order picking trucks, electric pallet trucks, reach trucks, and forklift trucks.

With mobile weighing, you can weigh during transportation. This will save you time, manpower and space. You can weigh when you want, where you want, and enables you to be extremely flexible with your logistics.

We aim to help companies understand through mobile weighing you can create better management information and gain better quality control of your products. All this will help you improve customer satisfaction. 

ISO 14001

We adhere to ISO 14001, a green, environmental product declaration. We are passionate about environmental issues and protection. Through creative thinking, technology and expertise, we try to help set new standards of sustainability.

We identify issues like energy consumption and waste management within our company. We design goals and programs to help improve these problems. We also ensure companies we contract out to also have good environmental records and policies in the hope of leading by example.

All our materials comply with environmental regulations and we are constantly looking for ways to reuse and recycle materials to the ISO 14001 standard.

Scales For Forklift Trucks

Our scales for forklift trucks comes in a range of models. We sell the first wireless scale forks called iForks. The iForks are integrated so it has no eternal cabling and can be installed onto any forklift truck quickly and easily.

We also provide a selection of scales for forklift trucks to be mounted on trucks for simple weight checks. We also have weighing forks with fixed installation and weighing carriage plates that come with a number of attachments.

Scales On Warehouse Trucks

Our scales on warehouse trucks include the RPWL EL scale installed on all brands of electric pallet trucks.

Our scales on warehouse trucks further include the  RPW ST scale. This mechanically changes the fork construction in order to mount scale components with only 5mm of added fork height.

Hand Pallet Truck Sales

Our selection of hand pallet truck scales include the RAVAS 1, RAVAS-1100, RAVAS-2100 and the RAVAS-1400. Our range of hand pallet truck scales allow you the opportunity to check weights a few times day and consume less power.

Some models, like the RAVAS-6100, have tailor-made software so pallet trucks perform exactly to your requirements and specifications. Models like RAVAS-2100 EXI are manufactured with stainless steel fork shoes.


Scale indicators enhance the functionality of scales and we offer three different choice of models: the 2100, 4100 or the 6100 models.

All our electronic indicators are designed for mobile use and combine low power consumption with benefits like shock and vibration proof abilities.


Our RAVAS printers combine RS232 data-ports to communicate the measured weight. The printers allow you to record the date, time and article and offer wireless connection to a PC or management system.

We supply thermal and matrix printers along with barcode readers and wireless modems.

Data Capture Software

Our data capture software helps you to effectively reduce the cost of your materials flows. Our software integrates mobile scales into your network and weights are captured and transferred to computer operating systems throughout your company.

Our data capture software include Unimobile, Unimobile Connect and Uniwin. 

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