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At Raven we manufacture and supply custom cable assemblies, harnesses and wiring looms from our manufacturing and distribution unit in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. We can manufacture a wide range of custom cable assemblies, harnesses and looms, from simple cut and strip cables, multicore and coax to cat5 and ribbon cables etc, terminated with a variety of connector types to your pinout specifications.

All products are covered by ISO 9001 certification and are 100% inspected before they leave the premises so you can be assured of a great product, with great quality at a great price!

Box Builds including PCBs

Raven have the facility to be able to assemble and test your electric products, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Over the years we have forged strong relationships with our suppliers of both Electrical and Mechanical components. Any Machining, Fabrication or Sheet Metal can also be arranged offering you the complete package.

Working to your specifications Raven Electronic Services will source and produce all the required components to assemble and test your build, ready for delivery where and when you need it.

Allowing Raven to complete this sourcing and assembly work on your behalf can allow you to focus your staff on other key areas, saving you time and money.

Box Builds including PCBs

Far East Manufacture

When it comes to high volume cable assemblies it is often cost effective to look into Far East manufacture. Raven Electronic Services Ltd has been working with selected and approved cable assembly manufacturers in China since 2004.

Our Chinese partners work to the same strict quality controls that we do in the UK and are ISO9001 approved. Meaning that you can rest assured that the product you receive will be of the highest standards.

Far East Manufacture

About Us

The Raven brand was created in 1998, with a simple vision: to support medium to large volume manufacturing of the custom cable assembly market.

As technologies have moved on the business and its capabilities have evolved - we have seen an increase in cables used for computing and telecomms quanties falling however we have always worked hard whether working on the newest technology or manufacturing cables which would otherwise be 'obsolete' we have ensured a high quality of work and service so our customers can have 100% confidence that their product will arrive on time, fully tested and competitively priced.

About Us
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