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Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors 


Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Raytek UK - based in Milton Keynes serving CUSTOMERS in UK and Ireland.

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of infrared, non contact, industrial temperature measurement instruments in the world.

  • Full pre-sales support
  • Territory-wide network of representative companies, system integrators
  • Site visits and demonstrations free
  • Post sales support includes repair and service (on-site and at Milton Keynes).
  • Calibration provided to national standards.

Raytek,- leading worldwide supplier of infrared thermometers.


In addition to the UK Office, Raytek has offices with representation in over 45 countries.
New Raytek IR Thermometers:

Marathon MM 3M - Measures Lower Temperature More Accurately, Regardless of Emissivity

CS200 Synchronized Thermal Imaging System - Monitoring Cement and Lime Kilns

GS100 Thermal Imaging System - Coated Flat Glass (Low-E Glass)


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Fixed Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Compact Series
High performance - great value infrared thermometers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and industrial applications ranging from -40 to 1650°C (-40 to 3002°F).

Marathon Series
Superior performance temperature sensors, ratio and fiber optic, for challenging and harsh operating environments in applications ranging from -40 to 3000ºC (-40 to 5432ºF).

Fixed Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Thermalert Series
Excellent performance noncontact temperature sensors for high temperature applications ranging from -18 to 2000°C (0 to 3600°F).

Fixed Thermal Imagers

Fixed thermal imagers offer real-time thermal imaging for moving or stationary targets in process control, as well as in Lab and R&D applications.

Combined with user-friendly software, these infrared cameras provide a complete solution.

Fixed Thermal Imagers

Infrared Process Imaging Systems

Infrared Linescanners
The MP150 infrared linescanner provides accurate, real-time thermal imaging for continuous sheet, web-based and discrete manufacturing processes. Raytek also offers customized Process Imaging Systems to meet specific application requirements in the following industries:

Glass Processing
Raytek offers highly customized systems for temperature measurement process control of product uniformity and equipment performance. Our systems meet specific applications requirements. Watch video on how Raytek sensors are used in Low-E Glass Manufacturing.

Infrared Process Imaging Systems

Plastic Processing
Raytek offers highly customized process monitoring systems for industrial thermal imaging in plastic extrusion and plastic thermoforming processes. Our infrared process imaging systems meet specific applications requirements.

Rotary Kiln Monitoring
Raytek offers highly customized process monitoring systems to measure temperatures for control of product uniformity and equipment performance. Our systems meet specific applications requirements. 

Wallboard Production 
Raytek offers highly customized process monitoring systems to measure temperatures for control of product uniformity and equipment performance. Our systems meet specific applications requirements.

 Thermal Imaging System performs detailed wallboard dryer balance analysis and board thermal mapping.


Portable Thermometers

Portable non-contact thermometers have become indispensable tools for many predictive maintenance and industrial troubleshooting applications. These fast and reliable tools are famous for their rugged, ergonomic designs and affordable prices.

Fluke Industrial Handheld Thermometers

Professional non-contact thermometers for industrial applications. The Fluke Infrared Thermometers, formerly the Raytek ST and Raytek MX series, are now part of the Fluke line of test and measurement equipment

Raytek Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Raytek 3i Series
The 3i Non-contact Handheld Pyrometers are available in a broad variety of temperature ranges, sighting options, optical ranges, and offer spectral responses to meet the needs of specialised industrial applications.

Portable Thermometers

Temperature Sensor Calibration Instruments

Check and Calibrate Infrared Temperature Sensors

Precision IR Black Body Calibrators
Increase your IR temperature measurement accuracy with the new 4180/81 Precision Infrared Calibrators.

• Accurate, reliable performance from –15 °C to 500 °C
• Large target size of 152 mm (6 in) is required for calibrating most thermometers
• Light instrument weight of 8.6 kg (19 lbs) makes it easy to lift and carry
• Intuitive, easy-to-read display that indicates when temperature is stable

Temperature Sensor Calibration Instruments

Non-contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Accessories

Find the right accessories for your application needs

Fixed Infrared Sensors
GP Monitor

Infrared Linescanners & Process Imaging Systems
High Temperature Linescanner Enclosure

Fixed Thermal Imagers
ThermoView™ Pi20 Enclosure

Non-contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Accessories

Support and Downloads

Contact Support:
For pre-sales support and specific application questions on Fixed, Mounted Automation Sensors & Linescanners (and Raytek 3i Models), contact us

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For warranty services, out-of-warranty repairs, calibration and preventive maintenance on Raytek Automation Products, contact us


Support and Downloads

Industrial Temperature Profiling

Datapaq are part of the Fluke group of companies. Thousands of satisfied customers choose Datapaq and continue to rely on Datapaq to help maximize the potential of their industrial heating processes.

  • Industrial Coating
  • Food Processing
  • Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing
  • High Temperature Heat Treatment
  • Ceramics & Kiln Firing
  • Electronics Industry
Industrial Temperature Profiling

Applications Engineering

Raytek and Ircon - IR Innovation is One!

The two leading names in non-contact infrared temperature measurement, Raytek and Ircon, are now one. Our companies have joined together to offer a complete IR solution, including the industry's most complete line of infrared sensors, linescanners and process imaging systems. As a Raytek or Ircon customer, you will continue to enjoy the same high level of technical innovation, quality and service as before.


Applications Engineering
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