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  1. Fibre optic infrared temperature sensors

    Range of fibre optic temperature sensors - see our website for our range

  2. Fixed infrared temperature sensors

    High performance - great value infrared thermometers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Compact Series Marathon Series Thermalert Series

  3. Infrared Pyrometers

    Full range of infrared pyrometrs/non contact infrared temperature sensors for a wide range of industries - please see weblink above

  4. Infrared Temperature Measurement

    Experts in Infrared Temperature Measurement, pioneers in infrared temperature sensors. Save Time Moving Targets Hazardous Objects High Temperatures Contamination free

  5. Infrared Temperature Measurement in Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

    Fixed-mounted sensors are excellent temperature sensors for checking product quality, verifying equipment performance and maintenance, and running environmental monitoring and safety checks - but please contact us to discuss your application so that we are able to supply your precise requirement

  6. Infrared Temperature Sensor Raytek M13

    A new generation of performance and innovation in continuous noncontact temperature monitoring for a broad range of OEM applications and manufacturing processes.

  7. Marathon FA fibre optic infrared sensors

    Marathon FA range of fibre optic infrared temperature sensors measure targets in highly confined installations in harsh industrial environments

  8. Marathon infrared temperature sensors

    Designed for harsh environments the Marathon range measure temperatures from -40 to 3000ºC (-40 to 5432ºF).

  9. Marathon MM infrared temperature sensor

    Marathon MM Series infrared temperature measurement platform allows fast, easy and accurate adjustment of the focus of measurement targets

  10. Marathon MR infrared temperature sensor

    Marathon MR infrared pyrometer measures targets impossible to view with traditional noncontact sensors in harsh, high temperature applications, obstructed by smoke, steam, particulates etc - see website

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