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Raytheon UK, a subsidiary of Raytheon Company, is a prime contractor and major suppier to the UK Ministry of Defence and has developed strong capabilities in mission systems integration in defence, national security and commercial markets. Raytheon UK also designs, develops and manufactures a range of high-technology electronic systems and software at facilities in Harlow, Glenrothes, Uxbridge, Waddington and Broughton. Raytheon Company, with 2011 sales of $25 billion and 71,000 employees worldwide, is a technology and innovation leader specialising in defence, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world.

Defence Solutions

Raytheon's UK Defence business has a world-class reputation in a number of high-technology areas. These include C4ISTAR, Precision Effects and Air Traffic Management Solutions. The design and development, manufacturing and support for this area of Raytheon's UK business are carried out at our Harlow, Broughton and Waddington facilities.


Raytheon UK is striving to be the leader in delivering innovative ISTAR capabilities that direct, collect, process and disseminate data in support of current and future military operations. 

  • Sentinel - The UK Sentinel's ASTOR system provides troops with continuous air-to-ground surveillance capabilities, delivering actionable information and safeguarding coalition forces.
  • Shadow R Mk 1 - The Shadow R Mk 1 offers enhanced tactical ISR capabilities to support urgent operational requirements. With three operator workstations, the Shadow R Mk 1 accommodates two pilots and five mission personnel.
  • Defence Targeting Toolset - DTT provides a tool set of software applications for the MOD to carry out both time-sensitive targetting as well as strategic effects planning.

Precision Effects

Our Precision Effects portfolio brings together a range of Raytheon capabilities to provide accurate and resilient systems to support the demands of current and future operations.

  • GPS Anti-Jam - Raytheon UK's first GPS Anti-Jam product entered service with the RAF in 1994, and in 1996 it was modified for the USAF GAS-1 programme. To date over 6400 systems have been supplied in-service on over 30 naval and airborne platforms around the world.
  • Paveway™ IV - The next generation guided weapon selected by the UK MOD for the Precision Guided Bomb (PGB) programme, and has been deployed since 2008 on all UK combat operations. Paveway™ IV has all-weather strike capability and is deployable on Tornado GR4, Typhoon and the JSF.
  • Counter IED - Raytheon's Soteria system can determine shape, size, orientation and exact location of mines and improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) – Raytheon’s IFF is today used by all three armed forces and fitted to more than 1,000 platforms across greater than 50 different types, including weapons, submarines, helicopters, missile systems, fighter and transport aircraft.


Air Traffic Management Solutions

Raytheon UK is delivering sustainable solutions for enhanced air traffic surveillance to service providers worldwide.

  • MSSR - Raytheon UK is a major supplier of Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) systems, technology pioneered by the company in respect of the application of monopulse reception techniques and development of Mode S (Select).
  • Wind Farm Mitigation - Raytheon is delivering the first operational implementation of wind farm mitigation technology at the Royal Netherlands Air Force base at Woensdrecht. The modications to the air traffic control radar system will mitigate the adverse effects on radar performance caused by wind turbines.
  • ADS-B - Designed to perform in all scenarios, including high traffic density airspace, the Raytheon multi-channel 1090 MHz ES ADS-B receiver/decoder features advanced decoding capability for higher probability detection, even in extreme SSR and Mode S FRUIT environments.
Defence Solutions

Power and Control

At our Glenrothes advanced design and manufacturing facility, Raytheon UK has developed a wide range of smart power subsystems and components for land, naval, air and space applications.

  • Silicon Carbide Foundry - Silicon carbide components can withstand harsh environments, allowing integrated circuits to operate in temperatures of up to 400°C. Components made from the material enable much more efficient power electronics, leading to improved energy efficiency in many application areas.
  • Land Power - Raytheon UK pioneers in providing high power, high frequency, high temperature power modules and assembles to meet the demanding requirements of high reliability mission-critical applications.
Power and Control

National Security

Raytheon delivers a comprehensive suite of demonstrated security capabilities in all domains – air, land, sea, space and cyberspace – that protect all types of infrastructure, are adaptable to different security threats, and are scalable to any size of problem.

  • ClearView™ Security Solutions – Clear View is a high efficient and configurable approach to monitoring and managing complex security challenges and it delivers a flexible, scalable security solution with a low cost of ownership.
National Security

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