RBM Voice and Data Consultancy

RBM Voice & Data Consultancy  is an AVAYA INDeX specialist company (est. 2003). We supply all aspects of the AVAYA INDeX system as well as advising end users on other telecommunication products.

We attempt to provide the best service and prices and these prices are only possible because overheads are minimal and the testing and repairs are done in house.

We offer a 90 day "no quibble" warranty on ALL of our telecommunication products.


All handset repairs will becharged @  ONLY £10.00 EACH

These prices exclude carriage and vat but include new curly cords, inserts etc exactly as before and still includes the 90 day warranty.

All handsets are brought in and stripped down, cleaned, re-assembled and then electronically tested.

They have new inserts fitted and new curly cords and are then re-tested as a complete unit and then shrink-wrapped!

The hand pieces (the bit that goes to your mouth and ear) are cleaned and then re-cleaned using an antiseptic solution. It is important that this hygiene is followed through and the handset protected so it is immediately shrink-wrapped as the finished unit may well sit on my shelf (Or in your stores) for several weeks (or longer - sale items, NOT repairs). Hygiene should also be followed in the work place by not allowing other people to use your telephone.


AVAYA INDEX Stock Prices

25% Discount off all stock prices when paying by credit card.

NOW You can pay by VISA/MASTERCARD.  Please telephone: 01189-697712 if you wish to use this service.  We do not charge a handling fee.

All of our stock items are cleaned and most are tested (DASS cards for example cannot be fully tested although they will have come from working systems). When purchased and paid for, assuming that the order is placed before 3.30pm, most orders will be dispatched the same day for delivery the next business day.  Please also note that CPUV/and or X processor specifications change almost on a daily basis so the prices quoted on the website are for guidance only.

AVAYA INDEX System Installation

Although it seems a little unusual to install a "Discontinued"  telephone system, there are many good reasons to consider this option.

  1. The system is a proven system that has stood the test of time and because it was so advanced when it was launched, it is still in technology terms up with the best - even today.
  2. There is nothing "bugs" wise that is not known  and nothing that can surprise an engineer.  This cannot be said of   many of  the systems out there today!
  3. The spares situation is good and we envisage holding all spare parts necessary for many, many years to come
  4. The prices that we sell our "Guaranteed"  spare parts are only about 10% of what they originally cost.
  5. The system is viable for any company with a minimum of 10 extensions up to a maximum (realistic not actual) to 250 (maximum 1000)  It can accept incoming lines on BRI; E-PRI & PSTN (and even DASS)
  6. The display handsets only cost from £13 each - originally they cost £169.

Avaya Phone System Maintenance Contracts

There are two main methods of protecting your system.
1. The traditional maintenance contract. In this case the maintainer charges you a percentage of “The original purchase price” – this normally anything between 10% and 12.5%. An average installation price would have been between £10,000 to £50,000 You would get an engineer on site within about 4 hours and also a “dial in” support package, This contract would cover you for all parts and labour
2. Disaster recovery support. This is something that is unique to RBM and involves the customer holding certain spare parts, and in the event of a failure, changing the part themselves. In most cases this simple to do and easily within the skills of the system “Administrator”. For example, if a digital extension went down, the card would show a red light. Because the INDeX has “HOT” maintenance, the card can be changed without powering down the system. The stock to be held is minimal, for example, if you have 4 x DSLC32 cards in your system– you only need to hold one! The average cost of holding these spares is only a few hundred pounds when you are probably spending £000’s every year on your maintenance contract. We would offer and charge you a “Dial in” fee of £50 per dial in with the option of an engineer call out. @ £270. Check your records and see when you last had an engineer “on site” Because of the reliability of the INDeX, you will find it was probably only once (if at all) In which case, the savings in Year 1 will be great, but in Year 2 will be phenomenal,

Give us the details of your system and we will price out both options for you and YOU can then decide which route you wish to take. Regarding the full maintenance option, we will price this out exactly as other maintainers EXCEPT, we will work it out at 5% of the original cost NOT 10% as most dealers do.

The only items that we will not support are the SELTEX/GLOBAL voice mail servers and the Woc PC (although the software is not a problem)

Avaya Phone System Maintenance Contracts


  • INDeX handset 2010
  • INDeX handset 2030
  • INDeX handset 2050/2060
  • INDeX 20CC Turret
  • INDeX handset DT1
  • INDeX handset DT3
  • INDeX handset DT4
  • INDeX handset DT5
  • INDeX Turret TT3 and TT5



Our engineers will assist you in the design and layout of your structured cabling system, tailoring it to your exact needs for current and future requirements.

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of structured data cabling systems, including:

  • Category 5
  • Category 5e
  • Category 6
  • Voice/Fibre Optics
  • Fusion Splicing
  • OTDR Testing
  • Fault Finding



One of the most versatile and effective security solutions available, CCTV is not only a very successful deterrent, reducing your risk of becoming a victim of crime, but it also significantly raises the likelihood of a conviction, should an incident occur. CCTV can effectively replace manned security guarding in many instances, reducing your security budget requirements, especially with remote monitoring having become a practical and cost-effective reality.

CCTV is not only low-cost and effective in isolation - it also works very well in conjunction with other security systems, such as access control and intruder alarms.

We fit CCTV systems with facilities to pan, zoom and tilt, as well as cameras that will effectively operate in low light conditions. Real-time visual verification, which is digitally stored for later review, allows an immediate police response and minimises false alarms.

If you require an experienced team to design and install your security system, please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!


Line Rentals & Call Costs

Many ancillary products have been added to their base INDeX portfolio, such as Line rental for PSTN (analogue) and ISDN and even Broadband. They are a partner with the Fidelity Group and accredited by O2 for marketing their mobile network and BE for offering the very best Broadband in the UK. For normal and ISDN lines they use Gamma Telecom who have a reputation for having the best customer service in the industry. This side of their business is growing rapidly despite the vast amount of competition in the market place.. Companies are coming yo RBM because they have been treated fairly and professionally in the past and know that they will get treated the same way with these products.

RBM Voice and Data Consultancy Overview