RDS (Review Display Systems Ltd)

Review Display Systems Limited is a specialist distributor of Flat Panel Displays, embedded and display systems. Representing some of the world's leading manufacturers of LCD, TFT, EL and Plasma Display technologies as well as industry leading Touch screens, display driver boards, Industrial PCs and keyboards.

Our new dedicated manufacturing suite is Certified to ISO 9001/2000 and our design and engineering team have over two decades of experience at designing and manufacturing bespoke display solution to meet individual customer needs.

Display Products

  • LCD displays, passive alphanumeric and graphic modules
  • Custom LCD design service
  • Small TFT panels
  • TFT colour displays, screens from 3.5 to 55 inches
  • OLED displays (Organic Light-emitting Diode)
  • EL panels
  • E-INK panels

Support products

  • Resistive touch screens
  • Capacitive touch screens
  • Touch screen controllers
  • Display driver cards
  • Industrial Single board computers
  • Sealed Industrial keyboards
  • Sealed Industrial track balls
  • X-scale driver boards

System Products

  • Panel PCs
  • Display, driver kits
  • Rugged industrial PC solutions
  • Sealed rugged PCs
  • Rugged touch monitors
  • Rugged Tablets
  • Custom system design service
    (Complete new designs or upgraded to exisiting systems.)



Tianma/NLT, Palm technologies, AMT, Hampshire Company, Aaeon, Fujitsu Siemens, NSI, Technexion, Solomon Goldentek Display.



Single Board Computers

RDS offers a wide range of industrial single board computers from some of the worlds leading manufacturers, available in a wide range of options such as different sizes, processors, connectivity and efficiency, all based on the x86 architecture.

Click below so see the complete list.


Below are details of the various form factors available. 


Dimensions: 96x90mm

PC/104 SBCs are the smallest, fully functional mainboards that we supply. Ideal for applications where space is at a great premium.

Pico-ITX, Nano-ITX

Dimensions: 100x77mm (Pico), 120x120mm (Nano)

These small form factor boards pack more than their fair share of computing power. Many are also powered by Intel Atom technology to allow very low power comsumption and fanless operation. 

3.5in Sub-Compact

Dimensions: 146x101mm

One of our most popular form factors, the Sub-Compact range features low power processors, high I/O functionaltiy, with multpile USB and COM connectors. Many are fanless, and are complete with Compact Flash slots allowing for solid state storage.


Dimensions: 165x115mm

Small, fanless, low power boards available with a range of processors and I/O options. 

Mini ITX

Dimensions: 170x170mm

Another hugely popular form factor, these high specification compact boards are sutiable for a wide range of applications, such as kiosks, terminals, remote monitoring, gaming and industrial uses. Ideal for driving dual or even triple displays, and equipped with, among others, Intel's Core2 Quad when performance is required, or the next generation low power Atom for superior power efficiency.

5in Compact

Dimensions: 203x146mm

A popular range, these larger boards are nevertheless packed with performance and efficiency features, whilst offering extra epxansion options not available on smaller form factors, such as full length PCI sockets and IDE connectors for legacy uses.

Compact PCI

Dimensions: 233x160mm

These Eurocard-based industrial computing modules are designed to be connected together in a cluster via a Passive PCI backplane. They are designed around low power processors such as the Intel Xenon and ULV Celeron.


Dimensions: 244x244m (uATX), 264x267mm (uBTX), 305x244mm (ATX)

These two formactors ecompass the entire range of processors and functions, from well known manufacturers of industrial computers such as Fujitsu. They use high quality, fault tolerant components such as solid state capacitors for superior reliability. The sizes range from half sized motherboards up to the standard ATX sized boards for tower PCs.

Card Format

Dimensions: 185x122mm (Half-size) 338x122mm (Full-size)

This form factor is again designed to have multiple instances integrated together on a common back plane. Both Full size and Half size formats are available with a variety of processors ranging from the powerful Intel Core2 Quad to the Ultra-Low Voltage CeleronM allowing for passive heatsinks and fanless operation.


Review display systems is a supplier of Fujitsu, Aaeon and Technexion boards as well as RAM, hard drives and industrial keyboards and trackpads. If you have a project in mind please give us a call




High Brightness Displays

Standard colour TFT Displays are often unable to provide sufficient levels of brightness for environments offering high ambient light or direct sunlight. As a result you have a display that provides poor image quality.

There are a number of technologies that drastically improve a display's readability in bright conditions, including NLT transflective technology, super high brightness backlights and optical bonded touch panels.

Alphanumeric LCD

RDS can offer a wide range of Alphanumeric LCD Module solutions for applications needing a low cost display solution. The Palmtech range of LCD displays are ideal for industrial applications, offering a number of standard formats each with a wide range of options to choose from. For friendly, informative advice on selection , call us now on  01959 563345. 

All these screens are reflective and have STN LCD fluid, other Transflective or Transmissive backlit options are available please see chart below. Minimum order quantities do not normally apply to these parts and orders can be scheduled to meet your needs

Tianma/NLT TFT Colour Displays

Tianma/NLT' supply a leading range of industrial TFT panel solutions with screen sizes from 2.7 inch screen size though to high resolution 23 inch panels. 

Thin Film Electroluminescent Displays

RDS are pleased to introduce TFEL displays from Lumineq, powered by Lumineq. These thin film electroluminescent displays are more than suited for applications in extreme environments, such as mining, military and marine. This is due to their impressive ruggedness and durability, featuring 250,000 MTBF, extreme operating temperature ranges, high brightness and contrast, high shock resistance and more.

More information about High Brightness Displays


Touch Panels

4, 5 & 8 Wire Resistive Touch

Resistive touch panel from AMT represent a cost effective solution to providing operators with a touch input device. Available in a wide range of screen sizes and 4,5 or 8 wire Technology. 
4 wire is ideal for screen sizes below 10.4 inch, above this screen size 8 wire technology is recommended and for applications needing extended lifetime a 5 wire device would be more suitable. 

Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

With more than 10 years experience in developing touch technologies, RDS is proud to announce its newest product family - Projected Capacitive Input (PCI) touch. 

PCI provides an unsurpassed experience in forceless touch, precision touch and gesture recognition. PCI keeps up tracking with fast finger movement. The touch surface is durable and drift-free in long term use as PCI touch sensors are overlaid with a surface glass. Hence they are highly impact resistant on public access systems while they can also be made light-weight for personal hand-held devices.

Due to its highly durable and smooth surface, PCI is suitable for medical and industrial touch display applications, and an ideal touch solution for the embedded applications such as industrial data loggers, car GPS or Personal Navigation Devices, Game Consoles and personal entertainment devices.

Supported by PCI controller firmware and drivers, PCI touch sensors are provided with a turn-key solution. To help customers expedite their system development to meet market demands, a variety of touch controllers have been developed for PCI touch sensors of different sizes.

Features and Advantages

Two-Finger touch with gesture support
Scratch resistant glass of AG or clear type for top touched surface
High transmittance touch sensor
High accuracy of touch point
Various touch sensor construction designs: glass/glass, glass-film-film-film, glass-film-glass
Conducting layer undercoat meeting stringent Anti-EMI requirements
Touch Window type design available
Fully supported by Projected Capacitive touch control board with driver support
Various control boards to support different sizes of PCI touch sensor
Chip-on-Flex tail design optional

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) is a electrically conductive material that can be deposited in near transparent layers. Its a technology that is already widely used in PCI touch screen manufacture and delivers a stable product. ITO based PCI touch screens can be offered in two forms, As a flexible polyester sheet that can be used by customers to laminate to suitable surfaces, or pre-laminated to a cover glass. The standard products listed in our web site are all pre-laminated to a cover glass.

The Cover Glass can be offered in various thicknesses and can be chemically strengthened to offer additional strength. They can also be customised to add printed borders, corporate colours, logo's etc. The dimensions of the Cover Glass can exceed those of the Polyester Film and so generate an area for sealing the touch to a bezel. This process can offer a flush fronted product making it very easy to keep clean and also making it a modern design.

More information for Capacitive Touch Screens


Touch Panels



RDS are proud to be a supplier of the complete range of NSI keyboards and trackballs. They come is a variety of size and can be panel mounted or enclosed. There is a range of Marine certified units which are designed for use is harsh salt water environments.

Keyboards & pointing devices for the most demanding job.

NSI is the keyboard & trackball specialist delivering reliable solutions for demanding applications in various industries, like marine, medical, construction, food and the  military.

Whatever your requirements, whatever your application, we want to make sure our products will provide you with the highest level of control and accuracy. Besides a large range of standard products, our dedicated team of development engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products fulfilling exactly your requirements, even for lower quantities.

Industrial Keyboards
Industrial membrane, short travel or rubber keyboards. Sealed keyboards IP65 up to IP68. Standard or custom.

Marine Keyboards
Marine approved keyboards & trackballs Standard or custom. IEC 60945 certification. MIL spec.

Pointing Devices
Complete range of high quality industrial trackballs and touchpads. Standard or custom.

Any environment where a high quality input device is needed... General industry, medical, food, public access, agricultural, construction, machinebuilding, ...



Maker boards and Special Projects

It's fun to Tinker with boards to build that special project, it might be a home video server or a smart mirror or maybe a home NAS. Thge Raspberry PI is a really cheap way to get some decent computing power for all sorts of fun projects, RDS also have solutions if you then want to make you home project into a business idea. RDS is a leading supplier of UP! boards, which are full Quad core PC's in the same size format as the PI but capable of supporting full Windows 10 as well as Android and Linux. We can help make you idea into a business.


Maker boards and Special Projects

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